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In molecular biology, PCR is a widely used technique. For which purposes PCR is used, has changed dramatically during the last two decades. PCR applications are used in many ways in the fields of diagnostics, cloning, sequencing and forensic analysis. 

We offer a wide range advanced PCR technologies consisting of reliable and high quality PCR products intended for nowadays PCR applications. See and click below to read more about all of our PCR reagents. All reagents that you need for the PCR reaction; seperate PCR reagents, PCR products or complete PCR kits.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) amplifies DNA sequences. The primers select the part of the genome that needs to be amplified. Thereafter the temperature is heated and cooled, so DNA can replicate. The first step is denaturation where the double helix of DNA split to two separate strands by an increase in temperature. At the lower temperature the primers are connected to the strands. Lastly, the strands are copied with use of polymerase. By repeating these steps an exponential growth of the amount of DNA takes place. After the PCR reaction,  the amplified part of the DNA can be analysed in detail. Sanger Sequencing PCR reaction can be used to determine the exact sequence of you DNA.

We provide PCR kits and PCR reagents to optimise your research to form the ideal PCR product. We offer the needed PCR reagents separate or in an ideal PCR mastermix. Besides that we offer the PCR nucleotides, buffers, DNA enhancers and PCR cleanup, which may be one of the most important steps in a PCR reaction. 

These PCR kits and PCR reagents can idealy used with the Next Generation PCR, to obtain the fastest results.

Besides PCR products we also provide you with the highest quality PCR consumables.

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