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Be more sustainable with our Pipette tips: TipOne is evolving 

Isogen Life Science has in its portfolio suppliers that take care of the planet with sustainable initiatives. For instance, Starlab and its Tip One pipette tips, one of the highest standards of sustainability.

Tip One pipette tips are manufactured in a factory powered entirely by wind. Also, they are fitted into racks that are made entirely from recyclable polypropylene. We support the process by collecting pipette tip racks from our customers and taking them to a recycling point.

What’s more, our pipette tips are universal since they can fit any pipette. They are certified free of RNAases, DNAases, DNA, and pyrogens. We encourage creativity and sustainability. For example, racks can be used for growing plants, as containers for desk objects, or in countless other ways.

Have a look at ourcustomer reviews, and our green initiative for making these pipettes sustainable.

Same great tips, but more sustainable packaging.

As the next step in our ECOlution journey to more sustainable pipette tip products, we have just started to manufacture all transparent polypropylene (PP) parts* of our refills from 100 % recycled plastic.

TipOne® Pipette Tips System

Reduce, Re-use, Refill, Recycle!

TipOne® is the original refillable, re-usable and recyclable pipette tip system.

We improved the design of the tip racks based on customer-feedback. TipOne® is one of the leading tips for research labs. Every part of the system is interchangeable with the rest.

One tip fits all!
The tip collar is engineered to fit all popular pipettes.

High conformity within one batch because of the use of multiple cavity tools for the injection moulding process. Moulding and assembling procedures are carried out under clean-room conditions to eliminate contamination.

Every tip is certified RNase, DNase, DNA and pyrogen free.

Validated according EN ISO 11137-2:2007.

Pure virgin Polypropylene
All TipOne® tips are manufactured from pure, virgin polypropylene to ensure the highest quality product.



Thin-walled collars demand less loading and ejection forces. The thin-walled tip has excellent clarity for better visibility of your samples.

Green tip design
A reduction of up to 40 % in the material used for the production of TipOne® tips helps to save valuable resources and is beneficial for the environment.

Quality Control
Automated Quality Control procedures ensure that TipOne® is inspected for 100% performance. Every TipOne® product is certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free.

The perfect Rack

Made of pure polypropylene for excellent stability and durability and is high-quality recyclable.

Only two sizes of racks for the complete Tip range.

Small rack for tips of 10 µl to 300 µl and large for tips of 1000 to 1250 µl.

Colour coded wafers for easy volume identification and tip information printed directly on the wafer.

The 2D matrix code allows full traceability of item and lot number.

Autoclavable for repeated use at 121 °C.

TipOne®  Non- Filter Tips

Standard non-filter tips with volumes of:
10 µl, 10/20 µl XL, 200 µl, 200 µl bevelled, 200 µl ultrapoint, 300 µl, 1000 µl and 1250 µl XL.
You can choose from Rack or RefilI, non-sterile or sterile, Stack Rack or Stack Refill or loose Bags.

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TipOne® Filter Tips

Nothing goes through!
Protect your samples against unwanted  aerosol contamination.

TipOne® Filter Tips features:
•    Highly effective HDPE filter
•    Filter contains no additives to interfere with your sample
•    The filter will not absorb samples, allowing recovery
•    Sterile, and RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free
•    Proven to block > 99% of aerosols.
•    Publication – Comparative Investigations on the Blocking Efficiency of Filter Tips (2) for the report on blocking efficiency of Filter tips
•    Reusable, Refillable and Recyclable system!

Universal! TipOne® filter tips are designed to fit all popular pipettes

The unique Filter Tip refill

•    Economical and eco-friendly
•    Quick and easy to load
•    Individually wrapped, so completely sterile
•    Space saving
•    All components are made from easy to use recycle polypropylene

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Large Volume (Filter) Tips 

•    From 1200 µl tips to 10 ml tips
•    Made from polypropylene
•    Compatible with a wide range of pipettes
•    Different pack types available

Extended Length Tips

•    Extra long tips for easy handling of liquids in long tubes.
•    Phase extraction and removal of lower phases.
•    From 200 µl tips to 1250 µl (Filter) tips

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Wide Orifice Tips

•     Significantly larger opening
•    Compatible with a wide range of pipettes
•    Different pack types available

Gel Loading Tips

 •    All tips are certified RNase and DNase free. 
•    Flexible, long and narrow
•    Loading samples onto gels (eg. polyacrylamide or agarose)
•    Handling of small volumes
•    Compatible with a wide range of pipettes

384-format Tips                                                                 

•    30µl CAPP-Style 384-format tip 10*384

      Article code is E3840-3000

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Customer reviews

Customer review

AXIA Vegetable seeds

“What we like about the pipette tips from Starlab is that they are compatible with all our pipettes (Gilson and Sartorius), and they come for a good price. We also value the fact that we can order refills to reduce plastic waste and that the filter tips are just as compatible as the non-filter tips. All these factors make our workflow a lot easier. In short, we are very satisfied with the Starlab tips”. 

Customer review


Accuracy is an important part of our processes. We chose Starlab tips amongst multiple brands, for their superior accuracy and perfect fit.