Stem Cells and IPs Cells

Stem Cells and IPs Cells

One of the most extraordinary scientific discoveries on this century, that changed the way we understand human biology, has been the discovery of IPS cells.

There are three types of stem cells: embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (IPS cells)

Embryonic stem cells, also called also pluripotent, because they can make copies of themselves but also can become into any of the different type of cells that constructs the human body.

Adult Stem Cells (ASCs) are non-differentiated cells living within specific differentiated tissues in our bodies that can renew themselves or generate new cells that can replace a dead or damaged tissue.

Induced pluripotent stem cells are stem cells that are made in the laboratory, iPSCs are created through the introduction of embryonic genes into a somatic cell (a skin cell for example) that cause it to return to a stem cell like state.  So IPS cells can be used in the lab to produce any cell in the human body.

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Stem Cell to Organoid

The next step for all researchers’ labs in the world, has been to be able to produce organoids from stem cells to study the growth of normal or cancer tissues, and to test new drugs and other treatments before they are used in humans.

Organoids are 3D in vitro tissue constructs that grows from stem cells, and they mimic its corresponding in vivo organ. There are different published methods to grow organoids/spheroids, but the research community has still several challenges to overcome and be able to create fully functional organoids in a reproducible and easy way.

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Isogen Life Science knows all these challenges and can help researchers in that process. From growing 2D cell cultures using first in class cytokines and growth factors, a wide range of reliable instruments for automatic cell counting together with an innovative and specialized incubator to grow functional organoids with a controlled environment using active diffusion of media and nutrients. Once the organoids are mature, they can be characterized using our high content imaging systems.

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