PCR consumables

PCR Consumables

Isogen Life Science provides a great variety of high-quality PCR consumables. All products are certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free. 

•    PCR tubes 
•    PCR strips & caps 
•    Rotor-Gene® Style PCR Consumables
•    PCR plates 
•    NextGenPCR plates

PCR tubes

The PCR tubes from Starlab have attached caps. The caps are easy to open/close and optimally sealed. So fluid loss through evaporation is minimized. 

•    0.2 ml and 0.5 ml polypropylene tubes 
•    Positive click on closing
•    Ultrathin walls for efficient thermal transfer and maximum yield
•    Endotoxin-free
•    Autoclavable

Available with several caps; domed, flat and/or shielded. 

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PCR strips & caps

Next to single, individual PCR tubes, we also offer high quality PCR strips and caps. Ideal for a higher throughput of samples. 

There are several options:
PCR strips with separate or attached caps. Both variations are available as an 8-strip (-cap) as well as a 12-strip (-cap). 

The separate PCR strip caps are available in various models (just like the caps of the PCR tubes). The strips can easily be split into smaller sections by snapping them apart. 

The advantage of PCR strips with attached caps is this eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination through accidental tube-cap mix up. The caps can be attached individually to each tube or at the end of the strip as seen on the pictures below. 


•    Made from polypropylene 
•    Endotoxin free     
•    Autoclavable
•    Supplied in resealable bags

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Rotor-Gene® Style PCR Consumables 

We offer Rotor-Gene® Style PCR consumables such as 0.1 ml 4-strip tubes and caps for specific use with the Rotor-Gene® Q Real-Time PCR Cycler. 

•    Endotoxin free

We also offer Rotor-Gene® Style Discs which are specially made to be used with the Qiagen Rotor-Gene® Q Real-Time Rotary Analyzer. 

Two variants are available:
•    72-well disc of 100 µl tubes
•    100-well disc of 30 µl tubes

•    Individually wrapped
•    Pyrogen free

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PCR plates

The Starlab PCR plates are available in three different options depending on your preferences:
•    Non-skirted
•    Semi-skirted
•    Skirted

They come in 96-wells and 384-wells formats, all suitable for most thermal cyclers. 
Other options regarding the plates themselves, the wells and the colour can be found in the brochure below. 

•    Certified RNase, DNase and PCR inhibitor free
•    Endotoxin-free
•    Autoclavable

For an overview of which PCR plate is compatible with which instruments, click here.

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