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High-quality and affordable PCR plastics 

Isogen Life Science provides a great variety of high-quality PCR plastics. All products are certified RNase, DNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitor free. With our PCR plastics, you can guarantee: 

  • No evaporation of the sample.
  • Ensure the right transmission of heat when cooling and heating.

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Our PCR plastics like plates, strip tubes, and sealing films are compatible with most ABI, Bio-Rad instruments, and many more. To get to know about compatibility, contact us!

PCR plastic plates ready to perform a PCR. The red solution inside is visible because of the transparency of the tubes.

Discover all the PCR plastics that we offer for your workflow at a affordable price:

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Our PCR plastic tubes are all made of 100% virgin polypropylene

Our NovasBio PCR plastics include the possibility of having them with caps (called strip tubes) or without attached caps. The main benefit of using the strip tubes are comfort and simplification of the workflow. They are easy to open and close, and optimally sealed. Therefore, these PCR plastics minimize fluid loss through evaporation, while eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination through accidental tube-cap mix-ups. 

One example of our PCR plastics are our individual 0.2 mL PCR tubes. The design of the tubes is molded to provide consistent and uniform heat transfer during standard and real-time qPCR. 

Would you like to try out the tubes? Do not hesitate to contact us for getting free samples so we make sure they adjust to your workflow needs! 


Benefits of our PCR plastic tubes:

  • Compatible with thermal cyclers and real-time qPCR instruments.
  • Wall thickness to withstand high temperatures and rapid temperature changes.
  • Perfect for small number of samples amplification.
  • No sample evaporation or ‘popping’ while still being easy to open thanks to the tight-fitting design.
A dispersion of different PCR plastic tubes and strips from different sizes and shapes.

The caps for the tubes are available in two different shapes: the flat standard and the non-flat. The non-flat version contains a recessed area in the center, which:

  • Enables lower chance of touching the surface.
  • Avoids droplet formation on the cap during PCR.
  • Achieve less contamination on your results.

PCR-0208-IF: available with Frosted Flat Caps or Optically Clear for Real-Time PCR.         PCR-0208-IF

Rotor-Gene Q compatible Strip Tubes and Caps

In order to achieve the lowest background noise and background fluorescence signal, the PCR plastic tubes that we offer are the 0.1 ml PCR plastics Strip Tubes and Caps. Moreover, they match the Rotor-Gene Q requirements perfectly. We offer packs of 120 or 250 strips. We offer a broad variety of PCR plastics that are compatible with qPCR, from tubes, strip tubes, and multi-well plates. 

Benefits of PCR plastics compatible with Rotor-Gene Q:

  • Ultra-smooth, uniform, and thin walls for superior results.
  • Easy snap and lock caps provide leak-free seals 
    to eliminate evaporation.

PCR plates

The plates we offer in our PCR plastics portfolio are available in three different options depending on your preferences:

  • Non Skirt
  • Half Skirt
  • Full Skirt

They come in 96-wells and 384-wells formats, all suitable for most thermal cyclers. For check compatibility, you can have a look at the brochure mentioned below or contact us.


  • Well identification is possible and easy due to high contrast alphanumeric lettering.
  • Easy sample volume verification thanks to the crystal-clear wells.
  • All plates are certified DNase, RNase, Human DNA, and Pyrogen free.
  • Also, we offer Plate Sealing Filmsto seal your PCR and store your samples into plates. They are compatible with both, 96 and 384-well plates. 

You can discover more about our PCR plastics here.

NextGenPCR wellplates

NextGenPCR microwell plates 

These microwell plates are especially designed for the NextGenPCR machine. They are available in 96- and 384-well plates. Both are available in 2-5 mL. In contrast, the 96-well plates are also available in 5-20 mL wells.

The plates are designed with a sturdy side for stability and with soft plastic wells, so the heat transfer in the NGPCR can be performed optimal. 

Using a heat sealer, the wells are individually sealed. The seals can be from aluminum or polyester-backed polypropylene foil. Clear seals can be used for qPCR. 




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