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Welcome Summer, Hello Deals!

Have a look at our summer promotions because you can bring the sunshine into your lab this summer.

Do you quantify DNA, RNA, and protein samples? Our micro-volume spectrophotometers enable to measure so quickly and accurately. Do you need a fluorometer for more sensitive results? We also have a warm solution!

Do not miss the chance! Offers are valid until the 21st September 2024. Get in touch with us for more details

Refill, Re-use, Recycle!

Isogen LifeScience works with suppliers involved in making the life science market greener. We believe that small changes can have a big impact. 

We work with pipette tips which have 40% less plastic and are part of boxes which can be autoclaved up to 200 times. Our team collects plastic waste to bring it a recycling point to obtain pure polypropylene. 

Also, energy consumption is important. Do you know that a PCR system can help you to save time, energy, and reduce plastic waste? Read more about it. 

Grow long life Organoids

Imagine growing uniform and reproducible 3D cell models with invivo functionality!

Our bioreactor provides the ideal environment to grow organoids/spheroids: low shear forces, active diffusion media and control of O2, CO2 and temperature. 

Learn more about it here!

100% Expression Coverage per cell

12,000 genes detected from a single cell

Our 3'mRNA library preparation kit allows to obtain entire, detailed and true transcriptional signatures of cells.

Its technology is based on amplifying RNA, not cDNA, and therefore the sensitivity is maximised. 

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Preserve DNA and RNA Samples

Preserve DNA/RNA from fresh tissue and cell culture samples. Also, you can now have a perfect preservation, with complete virus inactivation. 

Does direct PCR attract your attention? Have a look at it here!

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RNA Seq Services in Spain

We are happy to announce our reference lab for Spain and Portugal: Seqplexing.

Do you prepare the libraries yourself? Get to know our library prepartion kits, which ensure the most cost-efficient sequencing results. 

Do you need to send samples to sequence? Get in contact with us for the best price! 

Wishing you the best in 2024!

Let's make lab work in 2024 funnier and easier! - Martin Donker (CEO). 

Isogen Life Science BV wishes you a healthy and happy 2024. We hope to bring you new science solutions to make your research happen.

We work on supplying the most innovative solutions in the market for easier, faster, and more reproducible, and accurate results.