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Isogen LifeScience has received the Award for the Sustainability Challenge at the World of Technology & Science 2022. 

Our tip pipet products offer a direct saving space and weight. Also, The Isogen team collects plastic waste to bring it to a specialized handler recycling the pure polypropylene product. 

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After being active in the Benelux and Spain for many years, we are glad to announce news for 2023! Labs in the UK will also have local access to our support and services to help advance their Life Science research.

2022 has been a rewarding year for us. We have been selected for the Sustainability Award at the World of Technology & Science 2022. If you wish to know more about it or any related topic please reach out to us. We would also like to get to know your plans for 2023. 

Kinds regards, Martin Donker (CEO).

NEW: Extremely accessible Single Cell Research

Discover our most innovative solutions for Single Cell Research based from on microfluidics platform, agarose encapsulation, to the processment of fresh samples for 3'scRNA Seq. 

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Maintain gene expression profile of all your samples

Discover more about our NEW DNA/RNA Defender Solution

  • Non-toxic storage solutions 
  • It stabilizes fragile RNA 
  • For fresh tissue and cell culture samples 
  • Compatible with most extraction methods: phenol and column-based 

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Trade-In Offer: iCIEF with 100% compatible results

Are you looking for an alternate iCIEF instrument? Without method changes and comparable results. CEInfinite iCIEF is the system for you.

Valid until the end of the year 2023!

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20% off Performance Fluid for the NanoDrop

The FDA regulation states that your systems need to be checked regularly. So, check your NanoDrop with the NanoDrop Performance Fluid, especially the older systems as the NanoDrop Lite, NanoDrop 1000, NanoDrop 2000 and NanoDrop 8000.

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New Reference Lab: RNA Sequencing services

We are happy to announce our new reference lab for Spain and Portugal: Seqplexing.

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Get the best sequencing results

With CORALL RNA Seq V2 - The fast and flexible all-in-one whole transcriptome prep kit!