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Cell counting

Cell Counter Slides Offer

When getting an EVE-Plus Cell Counter, you get 10% off the multi-compatible C-Slides.

Already have a cellcounter? Get 5% off the C-slides, also compatible for the Countess.

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NanoDrop Eight

New NanoDrop Eight

The newest NanoDrop: the NanoDrop Eight. A combination of best of both worlds: NanoDrop One and NanoDrop 8000. High throughput and Contaminant Identification Software.

Order a NanoDrop Eight and a 8-multichannel pipette and receive 25% off the pipette.

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Small Laboratory Equipment

Get 15% off all small laboratory equipment, including pipettes. 

Vortexes, incubators, PCR cabinets and many more. 

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Demo Offer

Up to 25% off our demo equipment.

Limited demo stock, be on time!

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