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Upgrade your gel imaging system

Do you have a Proxima gel imager or another old gel imager? Trade it in for a new model and get 1000,- discount.

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Trade-In Offer: iCIEF

Are you looking for an alternate iCIEF instrument? Without method changes and comparable results. CEInfinite iCIEF is the system for you.

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NanoDrop family

20% off Performance Fluid for the NanoDrop

The FDA regulation states that your systems need to be checked regularly. So, check your NanoDrop with the NanoDrop Performance Fluid, especially the older systems as the NanoDrop Lite, NanoDrop 1000, NanoDrop 2000 and NanoDrop 8000.

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Special Offer!

Discount on small lab equipment, pipettes, gloves, consumables and more.

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Write a publication and get a total refund

The LUTHOR Single Cell RNA Seq library prep kit is now decreased in price. Plus, if you write a publication, you will get a total refund of the kits.

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NanoDrop Lite Plus Spectrophotometer

NEW: NanoDrop Lite Plus

The newest member of the NanoDrop family: The NanoDrop Lite Plus. The affordable choice for fast and easy DNA, RNA, and Protein quantification. Contact us for a trade-in discount.

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New Reference Lab: RNA Sequencing services

We are happy to announce our new reference lab for Spain and Portugal: Seqplexing.

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