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Robust and High Quality Microplate Readers

Isogen Life Science is proud to distribute the robust, high quality BMG plate readers for already 20 years. Besides providing you with the best plate reader for your research we offer pre- and after sales support over a long time. This includes applicatory support, services and more. 

Multi-mode microplate readers:

Dedicated microplate readers:

Our robust and High-end microplate readers range from Single-detection mode plate readers up to Multi-mode plate readers, with up to seven detection modes. The detection modes are absorbance, fluorescence intensity, luminescence, time-resolved fluorescence, TR-FRET, fluorescence polarization, AlphaScreen® and nephelometry.

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Isogen Life Science offers a broad range of microplate readersto provide you with the best match on your research!

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Modular set-up of plate readers

The modular set-up of our plate readers allows you to select your relevant detection modes - with the option to add other detection modes in the future. Looking for a new plate reader? Read more on how we can help you find the right plate reader for your project!

Customer Reviews

Great diversity with plate readers

"We have installed a PHERAstar and a CLARIOstar plate reader to support Charles Rivers Client projects. We perform a wide variety of assays: HTRF, absorption, fluorescence, ELISA, Celltiter Glo, compound screening, cell-based assays and more. To realise optimal high throughput on the PHERAstar we use a stacker, which is ideal for the many samples we measure for our clients projects. The CLARIOstar is perfect due the flexibility of the monochromator, as we measure all kinds of samples and kits in different assays."

T. van der Heijden, Researcher Charles River Laboratories

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Biomarker Research to Neurodegenerative Diseases

"For over 5 years, we use the CLARIOstar plate reader successfully for our biomarker assay research of neurodegenerative diseases. We provide these biomarker assays to CRO's and pharma companies. The speed of the system enables us to increase our efficiency in ELISA plate reading.

 In our research, we analyse cerebrospinal fluid for up- or down regulated proteins, as this is an indication for several brain diseases. We are also developing this study with blood/plasma samples. In the future, we will also use the pro-longed interval shaking option for amplification studies."

E. Stoops, ADx NeuroSciences

Read their publications from 2021 and 2022

Asmterdam UMC

RT-QuIC Assasys for Protein Aggregation

"We bought an extra FLUOstar Omega for our biomarker research. Part of my research focuses on the aggregation of alpha-synuclein, a protein involved in dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease.

With the Real-Time Quaking Induced Conversion (RT-QuIC) assay we can detect aggregates of alpha-synuclein in cerebrospinal fluid of patients.

The FLUOstar Omega plate reader makes it possible to perform these experiments, due to its options for prolonged interval shaking and maintaining constant temperature."

P. L. Hoede, Neurochemistry Lab, Amsterdam UMC

KU Leuven

Protein Aggregation in Brain Disorders

"We study the aggregation of proteins in relation to brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease. An important assay in our arsenal is the analysis of aggregation kinetics using fluorescent amyloid dyes. For this detection, we use the CLARIOstar and FLUOstar Omega plate-readers from BMG LABTECH, because of their robustness and reproducible data. Additionally, they are easy to use for postdocs as for students."

Prof. Dr. J. Schymkowitz, VIB-KU Leuven, Center for Brain & Disease Research

Read the Article of Prof. Dr. Schymkowitz: Entropic Bristles Tune the Seeding Efficiency of Prion-Nucleating Fragments

Read the Application Note for Neuro-Degenerative Disease Research

Fast, Sensitive and Sustainable

"The PHERAstar FSX microplate readers have contributed significantly [...] to a large decrease in measurement time and a higher sensitivity, resulting in the use of smaller amounts of reagents."

S. van Helden, Pivot Park Screening Centre

Read the interview with Steven van Helden, Chief Technology Officer at Pivot Park Screening Centre


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