Dedicated Microplate Readers

NEPHELOstar Plus: Dedicated microplate nephelometer

The NEPHELOstar Plus is a microplate nephelometer that detects unsoluble particles in liquid samples by measuring forward scattered light. The light is measured up to a 80 degree angle. This makes the plate reader 30 times more sensitive than traditional plate readers. The NEPHELOstar has a self monitoring laser diode with adjustable intestity and beam diameter. These adjustions increase the sensitivity and decreases the meniscus effect.

It is ideal for fast, high-throughput compound solubility screenings. Applications such as automated drug solubility screening, microbial growth kinetics, quantification of proteins, monitoring of polymerisation can be performed.

LUMIstar Omega: Dedicated Luminometer

LUMIstar is a dedicated microplate luminometer for highly sensitive flash and glow assay measurements. The LUMIstar Omega is DLReady-certified and can be upgraded with Simultaneous Dual Emission (SDE) for BRET assays or to a multi-detection microplate reader should your needs change.

The LUMIstar plate reader measures up to 8 different wavelengths, due to the filter wheel with 8 different filters. Up to 384-well plates are analysed within 55 seconds. A 96-well plate is analysed in just 20 seconds.

FLUOstar FL: Dedicated microplate fluorimeter 

FLUOstar is a dedicated microplate fluorimeter for highly sensitive filter-based fluorescence measurements. It can be upgraded with other measurement modes.

The dedicated plate-readers all perform top and bottom reading and endpoint and kinetic. It is ideal for the analysis of living cells due to the shaking option in linear, orbital and double orbital mode. Also, the atmosphere can be adjusted with a humidity up to 85% or be vacuumised. The temperature can be set up to 60 oC.

Additionally, up to 2 injectors for reagents can be added, which can inject volumes between 3 µL to 500 µL, with 420 µL/s. To 4 injection events per well is possible. The injectors have a low dead volume and perform reagent back flushing.

The data analysis is performed with the BMG Labtech MARS data analysis. This software creates 900 datapoints per well. Read more about the software.

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