SPECTROstar Nano

SPECTROstar Nano: Ultra fast DNA/RNA, Protein and ELISA measurements

SPECTROstar is small but mighty. If you are looking for an absorbance-only plate reader that performs assays quickly and easily in both microplates and cuvettes, the smallest of our instruments is the one for you. It acquires the complete UV/VIS absorbance spectrum (220-1000 nm) in less than one second per well.

This BMG plate-reader is suitable for microplates and cuvettes. It can analyse microplates up to 1536 well and is therefore suitable for high throughput analysis. Additionally, the SPECTROstar Nano is ideal for measuring low volumes. The specially designed BMG LABTECH LVis plate measures up to 16 samples of just 2 µL. The cuvette can analyse from 0.3 µL to 5 mL. When using the cuvette the measurement can be performed with the door open, which allows for manual addition of reagents during the analysis. 

Detection Modes

All kinds of detection modes are available: Endpoint, kinetics and well scanning. Absorbance measurements for ELISA, DNA, RNA, protein (Bradford, BCA, Lowry) and beta-galactosidase are available. These applications have their own button and protocol. If you are looking for a more specific or complex application, this can easily be programmed. 

Spectrostar Nano 300

MARS data analysis

The data analysis is performed with use of the MARS data analysis software. With only a single click, a map of 900 data points per well is created, therefore also ideal for heterogeneous samples. Also, an average per well can be calculated with use of the orbital averaging. Calculations such as enzymatic parameters (Vmax and Km) for Michaelis-Menten or Lineweaver-Burk equations are automatically obtained. Also, EC50, IC50 and r2 values can be determined. 


The SPECTROstar Nano also consists of features for handling living cells. The plate-reader contains an incubator, which can go up to 45 oC, ideal for cellular growth assays or protein denaturation. Also, a gas vent for an O2 and/or CO2 flow is available. Furthermore, a multimode shaking device is present varying from linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking. The linear mode is the fastest and most intense, perfect for clumping cells. The double orbital shaking is mildest and therefore best for sensitive cells. 

Benefits of the SPECTROstar Nano

  • Fast measurement - 1 second per well
  • Low volume - only 2 µL
  • Additional programmable applications
  • Living cell analysis

Applications SPECTROstar Nano:

  • 260/280 ratio for DNA and RNA
  • Protein quantification
  • Cell based assays
  • Enzyme activity assays

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