Micro-volume Spectrophotometer: EzDrop

Accelerate your research efficiency 

EzDrop 1000 Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer completes measurements of a sample concentration speedily in 3 seconds. it provides a dynamic full-spectrum 190-1000 nm detection, while the sample window is equipped with nano hydrophobic coating, ensuring highly accurate results. 

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Easy and affordable, our EzDrop 1000 

Get your measurements of DNA and RNA with just a one-button touch!

Discover the benefits from using our micro-volume spectrophotometer! 

  • Save time and optimize your efficiency: Complete sample concentration measurement in <3 s. 
  • Reduce measuring error: The Nano hydrophobic coating sample ensures a great stability for sample liquid column
  • Decreases sample splashing possibility with the cushion design on the detection arm 
  • Complete your measurement effortlessly: Easy-to-use and intuitive operation screen.
  • Minimize possible sample placement errors: Assistance with a LED light.
  • Get reliable results on the measuring range from 190-1000 nm.
  • Avoid direct contact of the sample with the optical fiber: Fixed path lenght of 0.5 mm and 0.05 mm.

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Our EzDrop, offer a broad range of more benefits to make sure you meaasure your DNA and RNA sample concentration accurately, fast and efficient. 

  • Enhance measurement accuracy: Reduce the impact of detection arm closing thanks to a its cushioning design. 
  • Easy to recalibrate. 
  • Friendly graphic user interface.
  • Easy daily maintenance before and after experiments.
  • Yearly maintenance for the nano-hydrophobic coating.

Be aware of the newest Applications

The EzDrop has been shown to be the best partner for DNA/RNA/protein quantification in fields like Gene expression, Molecular Biology, Pollinator studies on spring insects, and Apoptosis Research in cancer cells. Have a look at the application notes listed below!



Molecular Biology report

Brain Research 

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Sample quantification in a trice: EzDrop 1000C 

EzDrop 1000C Micro-Volume/Cuvette Spectrophotometer helps you make the most of your precious sample and time, providing measurement results within 3 sec. The instrument offers dual modes for micro-volume and cuvette-detection

Dual measurement modes

Choose between micro-volume and cuvette modes and take advantage of a full wavelength range from 190 to 1000 nm for a wide range of applications, including nucleic acid and protein analysis, OD600 measurement, microarray and labeled protein analysis, kinetics, and full spectrum scans.

  • 37-45 C temperature control and stir functions
  • EzDrop 1000C can be conveniently used as a standalone device, or connected to a computer for the easy generation of reports


Get to know our user's experience!

Customer review

Quick DNA, RNA quantification

The EzDrop instrument enables us to perform RNA and DNA quantification quickly, without the need to use shared Institutional equipment which vastly improves the speed of our isolation techniques. It is also consistent in measurements from different days.

Isogen Life Science provided valuable insight into this equipment and others available at Isogen. They offered the EZDrop for us to test over a week, which helped us to decide whether it was a good option to purchase. "  Cellular senescence research team. 

Customer review

Affordable and easy to use solution

The main focus of our company is on the physical and chemical properties of biological nanopores. In particular, we use the available tools in chemistry to engineer, modify and redesign these protein systems for applications in NanoBio Technology, Molecular Sensing and SIngle-Molecule Biophysics.

For performing these engineering tasks the EzDrop100C is a great tool. The EzDrop is compact, stand-alone (no PC required), and user friendly.

It measures all parameters like, DNA/RNA concentration/purity, Cell culture OD, Protein concentration and even Bradford. All parameters we need for our R&D work and measured with high accuracy.

Also, using cuvettes for the measurements of cell cultures is very convenient and makes this a very versatile machine. Compared to other "Nanodrop" equipment, Isogen Life Science has put a very competitive, versatile, and affordable machine on the market that could be useful in every Molecular Biology lab 

Research Scientist at a Molecular Biology Laboratory

Customer review

Versatile, fast and reliable

"In our Department, pre-clinical and clinical vaccine research is conducted aiming at the development of vaccines against parasitic infections. Our pre-clinical vaccine research is aimed at understanding host-parasite interactions, protective immune mechanisms and the identification of novel vaccine targets. In order to accommodate this research, we rely on the genetic modification of parasites and it’s there where the EZdrop comes in useful.

Having used the Isogen ND1000 for several years, we find the EZdrop a worthy successor: it’s versatile, fast, reliable and comes in a compact, standalone package with a user-friendly interface at a competitive price. All and all, very pleased with the purchase and of good use to our research”.

Customer review

EzDrop for protein quantification

“Recently we have received our EzDrop from Isogen Life Science and we are very happy about the device and support from Isogen.

Now we can easily and fast measure our proteins in our prion laboratory due to user-friendliness, low in maintenance and stand alone device without any update issues on our computers from Microsoft Windows.”

Customer review

Fast and Reproducible results!

EzDrop for DNA and protein measurements

"For our group, the purchase of the equipment has been a complete success.

The quick response time and the reproducibility of the measurements with both DNA and protein samples, as well as its size and the lack of need for computer equipment, have been an undeniable improvement in our laboratory."

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