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Get to know our easy-to-use reagents and kits for making Single Cell Research that enables extreme accessibility. Our kits enable to process low RNA input samples, fresh samples for 3’ Single Cell RNA Sequencing, just like frozen Single Cell samples for 3’ mRNA Sequencing library preparation.

In Isogen Life Science, we have expertise in the field of Cell Biology and NGS which can guide you through the whole research. 


NEW! High Definition scRNA Seq: LUTHOR Library Prep Kit

High resolution for ultra low input: Study expression profiling 3'mRNA Seq

From Isogen Life Science, we are very happy to announce that Lexogen brings to the market the first high definition librariy preparation kit for mRNA samples when studying single cells. 

 The more genes at once, the better!

  • See all genes in each cell: Very high gene detection rate compared to other protocols 
  • RNA library is clean: It does not capture gDNA 
  • Maximal sensitivity: With its THOR technology, LUTHOR only amplifies RNA, not cDNA. 
  • Save overall costs: all in one kit, no additional reagents needed
  • Accurate gene counts

THOR technology can be used to generate individual and pooled 3’ mRNA-seq, or full-length individual libraries from ultra-low input RNA or single cells. The technology is template-switch-, and ligation-free, and employs a unique THOR reaction. The THOR reaction is initiated at oligo(dT ) primed poly(A) tails introducing a T7 promoter sequence to all 3’ ends of transcripts. The resulting structure allows swift amplification of antisense RNA directly from mRNA templates. 

To discover more about the technology, you can have a look at the poster: "Unparalleled sensitivity in single cell sequencing. The THOR technology enables then to achieve the best sensitivity when performing scRNA Seq in low input samples.

  • True single-cell expression profiling
  • High resolution for ultra-low input
  • Low input scRNA-Seq samples – when you want to analyze from 1-100 cells
  • Very high gene detection rate
  • Categorize cells by RNA expression. Compared to 10x, classification between subpopulations is now possible with LUTHOR

Fresh samples for 3’ RNA Sequencing 

With our new kit, Single Cell RNA Sequencing is now more accessible! Our kit helps you on processing fresh samples for 3’ scRNA sequencing. The kit is based on a (hydrogel-based kit technology.

  • Hydrogel-based cell separation without stress
  • Flexibility in researcher and core platform logistics.
  • Proved to be successful in different cell lines (human cardiomyocytes, neuron brain organoids, murine lung cells, and more) with different sizes: From 10-500 µm
  • High mRNA capture and gene sensitivity
  • Transcriptome release without cross-talk


  1. Cell surface functionalization
  2. Physical coupling to barcoding bead
  3. Dilution in polymer solution
  4. Encapsulation in hydrogel 
  5. Cell lysis and mRNA capture in the hydrogel 
  6. Bread recovery by delegation

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Khadijeh Shabani et al. ,The temporal balance between self-renewal and differentiation of human neural stem cells requires the amyloid precursor protein. Sci. Adv. 9, eadd5002 (2023). DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.add5002


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