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Discover our kits for making Single Cell Research accessible

Get to know our easy-to-use reagents and kits for making Single Cell Research that enables extreme accessibility. Our kits enable the encapsulation in agarose for the study of live cells, collagen encapsulation for 3D cell cultures, and the process of fresh samples for 3’ Single Cell RNA Sequencing, just like frozen Single Cell samples for 3’ mRNA Sequencing library preparation.

RNAdia reagents kit

Save up to 50% on your reagents spending costs

Our kits for agarose and collagen encapsulation are called RNAdia kits.  They are high-quality kits for library preparation, which will be compatible with standard NGS short-reads sequencing Illumina.

Our RNAdia kits are all-in-one reagents for RNA Sequencing in the Nadia Instrument. With this kit, Single Cell  RNA Sequencing can be performed at half costs, therefore, more samples can be measured making research more accessible.


NEW Version! RNAdia 2.0

Get an easy, accessible, and simple Single Cell Research workflow:

With our new version of the RNAdia 2.0 kit for the Nadia Instrument, you can now:

  • Save time with shorter protocols
  • Get reproducible and consistent high-quality results
  • Save costs with a lower price comparatively.
  • Analyze more genes per cell with a median number of 1000 genes/cell.
  • Automatise your protocol: separation of droplets with/without bead

scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit

The scRNA-Seq Reagent kit for the Nadia Instrument generates PCR amplified cDNA libraries for high throughput gene expression profiling of heterogenous cell populations, resulting in reproducible single cell data and efficient gene capture at low sequencing costs.

The sc-RNA-Seq Reagent Kit contains all the reagents and consumables needed for the generation of 8 PCR amplified cDNA libraries:

  • Cell and bead suspension buffer
  • Barcode beads
  • Emulsion oil
  • Perfluorooctanol
  • Bead wash buffer
  • Reversed transcription reaction mix
  • Exonuclease reaction mix
  • PCR reaction mix

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The Droplet Analyser Software (DAS) measures the beads encapsulation rates. It monitors single-cell encapsulation rates to minimize empty or double-filled droplets.


Generate Single Cell RNA-sequencing libraries: 

  • Encapsulate thousands of single cells in <30 minutes. 
  • Make sure your samples stay in suspension during the run. 
  • It enables the study of cellular expression profiles 

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Agarose encapsulation for live cell studies kits: RNAdia

We offer a kit that enables the encapsulation of cells in agarose, its name is nadAROSE kit. It produces agarose scaffolds that enable later digestion to release cells. The kit creates a spherical scaffold structure that enables the diffusion of nutrients and gases. Therefore, the Single Cell Encapsulation kit is an ideal system for naturalistic mammalian and non-mammalian live cell studies. Besides Single Cell Research,  there is a possibility for multiple-cell encapsulation, enabling the study of cell-cell or cell-pathogen interactions, cell secretion, microbial cell culture, and cytometric analysis.

Collagen encapsulation for 3D cell growth kit: RNAdia

The Single Cell Nadia 3D kit produces collagen-based scaffolds that can be later digested to release cells. The collagen scaffolds promote cell growth in a 3D physiologically relevant manner. Encapsulated cells were cultured and observed for 7 days. Collagen-based scaffolds compatible with cell release due to scaffold's dissolution without the loss of cells

  • Enables 3D cell culture growth
  • Maintains single-cell identity
  • Applicable to all kinds of cell lines, tumors, or single cell suspensions
  • Up to 1 mill. cells in one run


Fresh samples for 3’ RNA Sequencing 

With our new kit, Single Cell RNA Sequencing is now more accessible! Our kit helps you on processing fresh samples for 3’ scRNA sequencing. The kit is based on a (hydrogel-based kit technology.

  • Hydrogel-based cell separation without stress
  • Flexibility in researcher and core platform logistics.
  • Proved to be successful in different cell lines (human cardiomyocytes, neuron brain organoids, murine lung cells, and more) with different sizes: From 10-500 µm
  • High mRNA capture and gene sensitivity
  • Transcriptome release without cross-talk


  1. Cell surface functionalization
  2. Physical coupling to barcoding bead
  3. Dilution in polymer solution
  4. Encapsulation in hydrogel 
  5. Cell lysis and mRNA capture in the hydrogel 
  6. Bread recovery by delegation

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LUTHOR 3’mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

The LUTHOR kit provides an easy one-step solution for Single Cell 3’ mRNA Sequencing  library preparation. With high sensitivity and reproducibility of the kit, the best results will be obtained.

  • Processing of both RNA and (frozen) single-cell samples.
  • Ultra-low amounts of RNA (10-100 pg) read up to 13.000-16.000 genes.
  • For single cells 6000-12.500 genes can be detected at 1M reads per sample.

With the LUTHOR RNA-Seq kit, fast data processing is standard. It represents endogenous mRNA composition and excludes ribosomal rRNAs. There will be only focused on the coding sequences. Read mapping is simplified by reads of the transcript 3’end of the strand, therefore excluding any junction detection.

With a strand-specificity of >99.9% it allows mapping reads to their corresponding strand on the genome, enabling the discovery and quantification of antisense transcripts and overlapping genes.

One fragment per amplified antisense RNA copy is produced. Therefore, no length normalisation is required. This provides straightforward determination of gene expression values.

Benefits of the LUTHOR 3'mRNA kit.

  • Direct RNA amplification
  • Empower challenging samples
  • High sensitivity




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