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RNAdia reagents kit

Single cell research doesn‘t need to be expensive

RNAdia – 50% less than competitor reagents

The high quality RNAdia kit allows for the construction of sequencing ready libraries. Those libraries are compatible with standard NGS short-read sequencing on Illumina sequencers, allowing analyses of thousands of transcriptional profiles of single cells in parallel.

RNAdia reagents kit

This kit consist of all reagents and consumables needed for RNA-Sequencing on the Nadia Instrument. The reagents are divided in step by step boxes. A complete workflow from encapsulation to library preparation, with option for bioinformatic bundle in the future. The kit consist the new beads for high gene capture and low sequencing depth.

With this kit, Single cell sequencing can be performed at half costs. This way more samples can be measured, encouraging research.

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  • Cell and bead suspension buffer
  • Barcode beads
  • Emulsion oil
  • Perfluorooctanol
  • Bead wash buffer
  • Reversed transcription reaction mix
  • Exonuclease reaction mix
  • PCR reaction mix
  • Consumables

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