Sample Collection, DNA Stabilisation and Purification
Saliva, Swab and Stool Samples

Viral Transport Medium

The liquid Amies is ideal for transport of clinical swab specimen.

The presence of sodium thioglycolate favors the growth of a broad range of pathogens. Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium chlorides elongate the proliferation of pathogens and increases the permeability of bacterial cells. The Sodium and Potassium phosphates work as a pH buffer, to maintain the ideal pH for stabilisation of the sample.

Additional to Amies transport medium, we also offer other VTM, CDC (WHO formulation) medium and PBS (phosphate buffered saline) medium and several swab kits.

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Liquid amies transport buffer

PSP® - Technology

saliva sample collectionA unique sample stabilisation for molecular diagnostics

The PSP® (Pre-analytical Sample Processing) products of Invitek is based on a unique non-chaotropic chemistry. It includes an integrated sample management system from sample collection to DNA stabilisation.  

Reliable extraction, stabilisation and storage of host and pathogen DNA in stool, swab or saliva samples at room temperature without DNA degradation. 

  • Transportation, storage, isolation and purification 
  • Reliable sample collection in easy-to-handle collection
  • Preservation of bacterial titer at the time of sampling 
  • Inactivation of DNases and RNases
  • Non-invasive sample collection eliminates the risk of pathogen infections
  • No cooled transportation is needed
  • Collected samples are liquid and can easily be integrated in existing lab workflows 
  • Easy processing

PSP® Salivagene products                 


SalivaGene Collector

The SalivaGene Collector includes the collection devices for assisted sample collection in plastic bags for lower cost per sample. This product is offered in packages of 50 collectors or as bulk (as requested) for high sample numbers. e.g. for clinical studies. The barcode labelled primary tube is also compatible with all common robotic platforms. 

SalivaGene Comfort Set

The SalivaGene Comfort Set includes the collection components in a blistered package with barcode labelled primary tubes, prefilled with the stabilisation buffer for easy-to-use buccal cell saliva swab collection and DNA protection, optimal in high-throughput processing, e.g. for clinical studies. The barcode labelled tube is compatible with common robots.

SalivaGene Collection Module II

The SalivaGene Collection Module II is a simple, alternative version for saliva sample collection and stabilisation using a liquid DNA stabilisation buffer (DNA is also stable for 12 months at room temperature).





              SalivaGene Collector                                SalivaGene Comfort                          SalivaGene Module II

PSP® Stool Productsstool dna collection kit

Stool DNA Collection and Preservation

The ideal stool DNA collection and preservation tube (Stool Collection Module) - prefilled with the DNA Stool Stabiliser simplifies stool collection and is designed to provide highest DNA yields and quality. 
The patented stabilisation buffer – DNA Stool Stabiliser (PSP® technology) eliminates cooling of samples and stabilises genomic DNA for 3 months at room temperature.
The Stool Collection Tubes prefilled with Stool DNA Stabiliser is a user-friendly stool collection and DNA protection device. It allows a convenient and hygienic collection and extraction of up to 1 g of stool, using spoon attachment.

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  • Easy stool collection and efficient DNA preservation using DNA stabilisation buffer
  • Fast, painless & non-invasive sample collection
  • Reduces foul odours
  • No need to immediately process samples
  • Long-term stability of samples – highest integrity of DNA at RT
  • Stool DNA preserved for 3 month at 15 - 30°C
  • PCR - amplificable (PCR inhibitor free)
  • No cold chain during transport reducing transportation
  • Low variability between replicates compared to frozen
  • Preservation shows no bias




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