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Starlab ErgoOne® Pipettes  
Accumax FAB pipette

Starlab ErgoOne® Pipettes: Overview

Setting the new standard in pipetting!

As one of the most used instruments in laboratories, the pipette needs to be comfortable to use. Next to perform accurately, every day. The ErgoOne® pipettes are both.
Together with TipOne® pipette tips for the perfect pipetting partnership. 

•    Minimal operating forces
•    Lightweight ergonomic design
•    Colour coded (matching colour coding of TipOne® tip sizes)
•    Volume lock
•    Universal tip cone

Manual single- & multi-channel pipettes


The manual pipettes of Starlab:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use volume adjustment
  • Extremely accurate and precise
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Fits all popular tips

Electronic Single- & Multi-channel Pipettes

With an electronic pipette the display is easy to read and errors are minimised. The battery will go up to 4000 pipetting cycles and even when the battery is running low it can be recharged during use, so no time will be lost.

The ErgoOne electronic pipettes can perform 5 operation modes: Pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, multi-dispense and electrophoresis.








Starlab Electronic pipettes:

  • Reliable and Ergonomic
  • Five operating modes incl. mixing
  • Easy to reach pipetting button
  • Colour-coded ejector button
  • Adjustable finger rest
  • Autoclavable pipette shaft
  • Universal tip fit

Accumax FAB pipettes

The Best in Quality/Price -ratio
Manual Pipettes, single and Multi-channel Pipettes

    Magnetic Assisted Piston for Precise Pipetting
    One of the Lowest Plunge Force Requirement
    Shock Proof Tip Ejection 
    Fully autoclavable
    Easy Maintenance
    Volume Lock for Consistent Results
    Long Lifetime (corrosion free metal use)
    Universal Tip cone

Magnet assisted piston mechanism ensures consistent aspiration-dispensing and low force required for 2nd stroke. Thus, provides unmatched
precise pipetting experience.


Accumax Fab Pipette has a premium quality plunger and volume adjustment parts of corrosion free metal and operate accurately in-turn enhancing the overall performance for long period of usage and also prevents pipette from any kind of corrosion.

Accumax Fab Pipettes are calibrated as per ISO 17025 (NABL) accredited laboratory and supplied with individual QC & calibration report according to ISO 8655-6.

Pipette Controllers

Speed may be one of the most important things for a pipette controler. The ErgoOne FAST was therefore designed to fill a 25 mL pipette in less than 4 seconds. Besides that, it is also one of the most light weighted pipette controlers. With this comfort and balance are optimised. No more long and fatigue pipetting.


  • Glass and Plastic pipettes ranging from 1.0 to 100 mL
  • Accurate - pressure-responsive speed controls
  • Leak-free seals for all pipettes
Pipette Controler
Serological Pipettes

Serological Pipettes

We offer serological pipettes in 7 different sizes: 1.0, 2.0, 5.0, 10, 25, 50 and 100 mL.  The pipettes are constructed from polystyrene
for sterile serological and tissue culture applications.
The serological pipettes are color coded on the individual packed pipettes and on the pipettes themselves. 


  • Accuray +/-2%
  • Bidrirectional graduations
  • Negative graduation for additional working volume
  • Polyolefin filter plug
  • Gamma sterilised
  • RNase, DNase and pyrogen free

Aspiration Pipettes

  • Individually wrapped in traceable paper-plastic peel-back packs showing lot number and expiry date
  • Non-cytotoxic and non-haemolytic USP Class VI polystyrene
  • Gamma sterilised to SAL 10-6 (ISO 11137)
  • Certified RNase, DNase, latex and pyrogen free
  • Specially designed carton with perforated tear-strip doubles as efficient, bench top dispenser
Aspirator Pipettes
Repeat Dispenser

Repeat Dispenser

Up to 48 pipettings of the same sample can be performed from a single filling. This increases your time efficiency in the lab. Tip sizes can range from 2.0 to 5000 µL.

Go down to view all repeat dispenser units

Reagent Reservoirs

ChannelMate Reservoirs:

  • Non Tipping
  • High Contrast
  • 40% less plastic
  • 25 mL and 100 mL

CAPP Origami Reservoirs:

  • Flat-packed durable polypropylene reservoirs
  • V-shaped bottom helps prevent bubble formation
  • 30 mL and 40 mL


  • Made from polypropylene to reuse or PVC and polystyrene for single use
  • V-shaped
  • PP: 50 or 60 mL, PVS: 55 mL, PS: 25 mL, 55 mL, 100 mL (individually wrapped)


Reagent Reservoirs




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