Electrophoretic Automated Tissue Clearing

X-CLARITY™ Systems & Reagents for Tissue Clearing & 3D Imaging

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The X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System is an easy automated method for electrophoretic tissue clearing. The removal of lipids from tissues are done while preserving the structure of your sample. Do you clear a whole mouse brain at this moment in 2 days? Now you can do it in just 6 hours. 

How much time do you spend on preparing, sectioning, labeling, mounting, imaging, reconstructing, and analyzing lots of ultra-thin slices. Imagine you never have to section again!

X-Clarity is the first complete electrophoretic tissue clearing system, a new polymerization system, and ready-to-use reagents in one. Tissue clearing has never been faster or simpler. The method opens up a world of possibilities, from tracing neural circuitry to exploring the relationship between structure and function.

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The X-CLARITY™ Tissue Clearing System

Main steps

1.    Hydrogel Infusion

A fixed tissue sample is incubated in a hydrogel monomer solution to allow hydrogel monomers to diffuse uniformly throughout the sample. 
The X-CLARITY™ Hydrogel Solution Kit is a ready-to-use acrylamide solution. 

2.    Hydrogel-Tissue Hybridization

Once the hydrogel monomer solution has fully permeated the tissue sample, the monomers are polymerized to embed the tissue in a hydrogel matrix. The sample is heated, causing the thermal initiator to release free radicals and initiate radical polymerization of the hydrogel monomers, covalently linking the biomolecules in the tissue sample to a sturdy hydrogel network, preserving molecular information and structural integrity. 

3.    Tissue Clearing

Once the tissue-hydrogel hybrid has been formed, lipids are broken up through electrophoresis in the presence of ionic detergents, leaving behind a stable and transparent tissue-hydrogel hybrid that is chemically accessible for molecular phenotyping. 
The X-CLARITY™ can clear a whole mouse brain in just 6 hours. 

4.    Labeling and Imaging

The tissue-hydrogel hybrid is placed in an RI matching solution prior to imaging to optimize transparency.

Labeling and imaging

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit for Cleared Tissues

Clearing methods allow light to penetrate samples for imaging, although the method used can affect tissue permeability to molecular probes. Conventional labeling protocols involve the slow diffusion of probes into thin sample sections, which translates to a time-consuming impracticality when applied to thicker samples. The slow progression of diffusion can also lead to uneven staining, with higher, nonspecific binding on the outside of a thicker sample. 

Mouse brain without DeepLabel

DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit enhances antibody penetration into large clarified tissues for vibrant fluorescence 3D imaging
The new DeepLabel™ Antibody Staining Kit from overcomes these obstacles. Optimized for thick, cleared tissues, DeepLabel™ increases tissue permeability and enhances antigen-antibody binding so that antibody labeling of cleared tissues can happen rapidly and efficiently.

Mouse brain with DeepLabel

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