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Cytokines and Growth factors in Cell Culture grade

Growth factors play important roles in cell proliferation and development. The addition of growth factors to cell cultures provides an ideal environment for health and growth. Cytokines are a subtype of growth factors. They are produced by hematopoietic and immune cell types, and include interferons and interleukins. Cytokines can inhibit and stimulate cell proliferation and differentiation. 

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  • Suitable for most applications
  • Human, Murine, Rat, Bovine, Ovine and others
  • Made in E.Coli or Human cell lines (glycosylated)
growth factors and cytokines

Cytokines and Growth factors tested in tissue culture (tct) - Highly active

  • Batch-specific activity determined using WHO standard allows the same activity (units) to be used over many experiments
  • Low endotoxin level
  • Carrier-free or with stabiliser 


tissue culture tested

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