NanoDrop Micro-volume Spectrophotometers

NanoDrop: DNA and RNA quantification in microvolumes

The innovation and quality of these instruments perfectly fits the vision of Isogen Life Science. For this reason, we decided to add NanoDrop to our portfolio range in 2003. We are the official NanoDrop supplier in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Of course, we are also happy to provide you with all support needed, just like helping you with the installation and maintenance of your NanoDrop instruments.

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NanoDrop Revolution

The launch of the NanoDrop family brought a revolution in the accuracy and speed of DNA, RNA and protein quantification. It works with samples as small as 1-2 µL. The patented sample retention system by Thermo Scientific ensures that the NanoDrop continues to be far ahead of all other systems.

No dilutions are needed even for highly concentrated samples with pioneering sample- retention technology using optical measurement pedestals. For over 20 years, and with over 55.000 citations, NanoDrop instruments help scientists to do their best work just by Pipetting, Measuring and Knowing!

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NanoDrop family 

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NEW! Applications:  Discover the newest applications in fields like DMO detection, testing, viral infection prediction, plants structure analysis and many more!

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NGS Sample preparation with the NanoDrop One Spectrophotometer

At present, qPCR is the most accurate quantification method available, but it is time-consuming and often requires vetting a standard operating procedure. As an alternative to qPCR, the NanoDrop One has been tested and shows promising results. 

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A Dengue prediction test with huge potential 

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection, with almost half of the world’s population living in areas that are at risk of catching dengue.

"The NanoDrop is a very quick and straightforward way to determine these concentrations. With it, we can easily calibrate it, and we can then make use of standard reference materials to effectively set up our system. This means we can provide a control to the product development process, and this is better than any of the other methods that we used." Dr. Anthony Chua, StratifiCare. 

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Small scale testing, large scale results - How one hospital's clinical testing challenges were alleviated with the help of our micro-volume spectrophotometer

In the high-stakes field of molecular diagnostics, accurate clinical testing contributes to a make-or-break decision between whether or not a patient receives a targeted therapy. 

The NanoDrop™ One Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer is an instrument used in fundamental testing. It is a gold standard that enables molecular techniques providing key information on sample purity, as well as the quantity of DNA, RNA, proteins, oligos, and more.

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Quantifying Soy DNA extracts for downstream GMO detection 

The controversy of grocery products containing genetically modified organisms (GMO) has heightened the demand for analytical testing in the food and beverage industry.

The determination of quantity and quality of template DNA, the NanoDrop™ Eight Microvolume UV-Vis Spectrophotometer calculates and identifies the concentration of contaminants from nucleic acid extractions.

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mRNA vaccines methodologies: Production value and spectrometer use 

On the production of mRNA vaccines, it is needed the first steps of pathogen or virus isolation and nucleic acid extraction. In order to evaluate the purity and the concentration The  NanoDrop™ Spectrophotometer is used before endpoint use of sequencing the genome to identify the antigen target.

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Breaking down boundaries using nicotine-producing plants to understand plant structure and cellulose synthesis 

The use of the NanoDrop instrument helped on the regular basis measurement of DNA concentrations.

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Analysis of DNA melting through UV-Visible absorption spectroscopy

DNA melting, or denaturation, describes the process under which dsDNA disassociates into its single-stranded. The break of the hydrogel bonds needs the overcoming of an an energy activation barrier (e.g. High temepratures). The temperature which half of the dsDNA is denatured is called melting Temperature (Tm). Herein, the Tm for both small (40 base pairs
per strand) and large (~2,000 base pairs per strand; calf thymus) dsDNA sequences was determined and calculated with the NanoDrop Software. 

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Customer review

Accurate System for Protein and DNA measurement

The NanoDrop One-C is an accurate and quick instrument for measuring protein and DNA concentration as well as labeling efficiency, making it essential for the Protein Research Centre at Utrecht University.

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Same results, affordable and compact solution

We are satisfied with our new Nanodrop Lite. The results look similar to our old ND-2000.

The NanoDrop Lite is now fully incorporated in our diagnostic workflow.

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Efficiency in NGS steps

"We use our Nanodrop system for many applications.  Mainly about NGS library preparation, but not only. We appreciate its efficiency.  It is also quite easy to use. Moreover, the new IA program is interesting to help our students and researchers in their manipulations. Finally, the support of Isogen is always there when we need them."

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