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Cell counting is a general quality control analysis in research. Manual cell counting is simple but very time-consuming. Because of the human factor it is as well very subjective and can be variable.

Automated cell counters are equipped with high quality optics and innovative software to bring you cell concentrations with high speed and viable, accurate and reliable data.

Are you based in the Benelux, Spain, Portugal or the UK? Have a look at our cell counters that will help you on your countings! 


Customer Reviews

biosystems automated cellcounter convenient workflow

Customer Reviews

Customer review

LUNA FL and AIDS research

“In our day-to-day work flux, LUNA FL has greatly increased cell counting accuracy and overall data quality. In addition, we now can now increase the number of samples we process every day due to LUNA’s simplicity of use and reliability”. - Clinical Sample Processing Team

LUNA has vastly improved the accuracy of or cell counting, ranging from cell lines to Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs). It is also very straightforward and fast to use. We greatly value its versatility as we can count and address cell viability but also GFP transfection efficiency very quickly.” - Cellular senescence research team.

Customer review

Fast and effective measurements

"The LUNA FL is brilliant, we use it to count cells and determine viability fast and effectively. 

We use daily the automated cell counter LUNA FL in our workflow, and we emphasise how good it works to count and measure viability with HEK cells.

We are thankful for the opportunity to test the system upfront and for the support that Isogen Life Science has given to us."

Customer review

See beyond your cells

Thanks to Isogen Life Science for such an amazing device as the LUNA II automated cell counter. Thanks to logos biosystems for the nice t-shirts we won for our select science evaluation.

Customer review

Quality control for Single Cell Research

“Every technique in the lab has an equipment standard that every other company needs to measure itself against if they want to compete. And when it comes to cell counters for advanced sample preparation, LUNA is that standard.

We use it routinely in my lab for quality control of single-cell sample preparations. When it comes to running these sensitive and costly experiments, like single-cell sequencing, the quality control can be the difference between a successful experiment and a failed reaction.

There is no other company that I trust in the same way.” 

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