Fluoresence Cell Counters

Fluorescence Cell Counting

Go for an unbiased research and switch to automation. Especially for QC this is important together with 21 CRF part 11 compliance. Get the best cell counter for your research, or contact us for tips.

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Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter LUNA-FL™

Equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics, the LUNA-FL™ allows the sensitive detection of most cell types. The LUNA-FL™ can distinguish primary cells such as PBMCs, splenocytes, neutrophils, and stem cells from undesirable debris for accurate cell count and viability results. Can use disposable or re-usable slides.

4 applications in one system:

  • Brightfield cell counting
  • Fluorescence cell counting
  • Yeast cell counting
  • GFP transfection assays 

This versatile little counter sits comfortably in a cell culture hood or on your benchtop to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Disposable slides: L12005, L12006, L12007
Reusable: L12011, L12012, L12010

LUNA-STEM™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counting system for Stem Cells & SVF 

The LUNA-STEM™ takes adipose-derived stem cell and SVF samples to count live nucleated cells, dead nucleated cells, and non-nucleated cells with precision and consistency for downstream procedures. 

When using tissue-derived cells such as stem cells or the cells from the adipose stromal vascular fraction (SVF), knowing cell concentration and viability is crucial to ensure and control the quality of downstream procedures.

The LUNA-STEM™ is equipped with dual fluorescence and brightfield optics to distinguish live and dead nucleated cells from non-nucleated cells. 

Disposable slides: L12005, L12006, L12007
Reusable slides: L12011, L12012, L12010

LUNA FX7 – Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter for QC and Bioprocesses

The newest member of the LUNA family is the most powerful cell counter for counting in brightfield and fluorescence. It is easy in use, due to its short workflow of load, read and count. Switch to automated cell counting to eliminate any bias in your research. This is especially important in QC. For QC the LUNA FX7 is ideal as the LUNA FX7 cell counter is 21 CRF part 11 Compliant and has built-in QC features using specific validation slides. The precision multi-slides can be used for monitoring QC and production. The LUNA FX7 cell counter also includes a re-analyses feature.

The LUNA FX7 also has a bioprocessing mode, which monitors cell health and growth and tracks the bioprocessing activities. All protocols can be customised. The cell counting system can calculate the doubling time and charts proliferation curves. The Bioprocessing mode is ideal for cell and gene therapy, monoclonal/custom antibody production and enzyme production.

21 CRF part 11 compliant

A new addition in the LUNA FX7 are the slides with different chamber options, 1, 2, 3 and 8 as well as reusable slides. The single chamber slide has a total analysis volume of 5.1 µL to obtain the lowest CV (1.5%). The 3-channel slide can count the sample in triplicate and provides combined results of the 3 chambers automatically. The 8-chamber slide can be filled with an 8-channel pipette and is ideal for high throughput.

The complement CountWire software allows for remote access to multiple LUNA’s and obtains an encrypted electronic record, online data storage and control for the 21 CRF part 11 compliance. Export your information by USB, Wifi or ethernet connection as csv summary or comprehensive PDF with raw and tagged manufacturing facilities.

Benefits of the LUNA FX7

  • Customisable protocols
  • Store years of counting results
  • User management
  • 8-channel slides for high throughput
  • 21 CRF part 11 compliant: QC and bioprocessing

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