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At Isogen, we approach challenges in life sciences with curiosity. We believe that, if we dig deep enough and keep an open mind, we can find the right solution. By providing you with reliable, high-quality technology and guiding you in its use, we help you craft innovations that push the life sciences field forward. Making your research happen—that is what we’re committed to.

Going the extra mile

Established in 1987, we are a distributor of specialised instruments for research in cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Instruments such as cell counters, plate readers, NanoDrop micro-volume spectrophotometers, and NG-PCR machines are part of our extensive product range. In addition, we offer a variety of reagents, kits, and consumables. Our sales market includes the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. When it comes to supplying protein analysis tools, we serve the whole of Europe.

How we deliver our products is what sets us apart. We always go the extra mile to help you make your research successful. Due to our flat management structure and science-backed staff at all levels of our organisation, we are more flexible and agile than other companies. This means we’re better able to find innovative ways to meet your needs. Acting as your spokesperson, we can meet with suppliers to make sure that you'll get the tools to make your project succeed.

What to expect from our unique service

However, this is not the only way in which our focus on great service shines through. During your entire journey with us, our commitment to our customers is evident. Here’s what to expect when you partner with us:

  • Inquire. After you’ve reached out to us, we start by meeting with you and your research team to learn about your aspirations, needs, and wishes. We provide critical input and advice when required.
  • Test. Are you interested in one of our instruments? We give you the opportunity to test the machine thoroughly in your own laboratory. This allows you to get familiar with the instrument, assuring yourself of making the right choice before purchasing. One of our sales operatives will be present to help you install and calibrate the machine and answer any of your questions. All our sales operatives are highly educated and have laboratory experience themselves. As a result, they truly speak your language and can provide you with valuable input.
  • Get started. After purchasing one of our instruments, your sales operative helps you set up and calibrate the machine in the lab. Would you like to connect with other scientific users of your instrument, to discuss experiences and ask questions? We’ll happily put you in touch with others who share the same need.
  • Rely on support. Our extensive service remains available to you, up to years after purchasing your instrument. We offer tailor-made support throughout the entire lifespan of our products, guaranteeing you optimal performance and reliability. Our range of service contracts allows you to design your own service package, suited tothe needs and budget of your laboratory or research institute.

Always evolving

Over the last years, we have extended our services. Now, we are proud to state that we offer services for sample analysis for RNA Sequencing, Capillary Electrophoresis services, Method Development, iCIEF fractionation services and technical support.

In addition, we’re committed to improving ourselves: we continuously monitor and analyse our performance. We are proud to state that we are ISO 9001:2015 certified. Do you have any feedback you’d like to share with us? Your suggestions are more than welcome!

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Are you intrigued and ready to testcase us? Please get in touch, we are more than happy to take on the challenge. Our colleagues are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, and the UK. As a result, there is always a sales operative in your area looking forward to help and assist you.

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Molecular Biology a bliss with the Intas Gel imager

“In a biosciences lab, there are so many happy moments that happen in front of a gel imager. Succeeding at a molecular cloning, amplifying a library, or troubleshooting a PCR. When I thought about which imager to get, I knew it would be such an important part of my new lab. And we could not be happier with theIntas Gel Imager.This is by far the most robust DNA imager that I’ve ever worked with. The build, the resolution and the camera sensitivity are all top of the line. The user interface and screen are super interactive and responsive. Everything is so intuitive and automated that it really makes doing molecular biology a bliss. There is no other equipment that even comes close within this price range.”  

A. Rodriguez-Fraticelli, group leader Aging and Metabolism Programme at IRB Barcelona

Great Diversity with plate readers

"We have installed a PHERAstar and a CLARIOstar plate reader to support Charles Rivers Client projects. We perform a wide variety of assays: HTRF, absorption, fluorescence, ELISA, Celltiter Glo, compound screening, cell-based assays and more. To realise optimal high throughput on the PHERAstar we use a stacker, which is ideal for the many samples we measure for our clients projects. The CLARIOstar is perfect due the flexibility of the monochromator, as we measure all kinds of samples and kits in different assays."

T. van der Heijden, Researcher Charles River Laboratories

LUNA FX7 – Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter for QC and Bioprocesses

Quality Control for Single Cell Research

“Every technique in the lab has an equipment standard that every other company needs to measure itself against if they want to compete. And when it comes to cell counters for advanced sample preparation, LUNA FX7 is that standard. We use it routinely in my lab for quality control of single-cell sample preparations. When it comes to running these sensitive and costly experiments, like single-cell sequencing, the quality control can be the difference between a successful experiment and a failed reaction. There is no other company that I trust in the same way.” 

- A. Rodriguez-Fraticelli Group Leader  Aging and Metabolism Programme IRB Barcelona

Single Cell RNA Seq on head-neck tumour cells

“With the Nadia Instrument for Single Cell RNA-Sequencing we perform research on head and neck tumors. The Nadia Instrument provides a clear, well written protocol for single cell encapsulation and mRNA library Preparation. Additionally, quick service and support for questions and troubleshooting is provided.”

 T. Muijlwijk, Amsterdam UMC, HNCBI, Department of Otolaryngology-head and neck surgery

Asmterdam UMC

RT-QuIC assays for protein aggregation

"We bought an extra FLUOstar Omega for our biomarker research. Part of my research focuses on the aggregation of alpha-synuclein, a protein involved in dementia with Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease.

The FLUOstar Omega plate reader makes it possible to perform these experiments, due to its options for prolonged interval shaking and maintaining constant temperature."

P. L. Hoede, Neurochemistry Lab, Amsterdam UMC


"Last January, our lab Laboratorio di Servicio implemented and validated the MBS’ NextGenPCR solution for CoV2 screening, in Aruba. We found this ultra-fast PCR technology easy to use, sensitive, specific and overall, really ultra-fast, both in throughput as well as time to result. Instead of the 300 tests a day, 1000 results per day were produced with a single NG-PCR system."

Robert Wever, director of Laboratoria di Servicio, Clinical Chemistry

plate reader

Biomarker research to neurodegenerative diseases

For over 5 years, we use the CLARIOstar plate reader successfully for our biomarker assay research of neurodegenerative diseases. We provide these biomarker assays to CRO's and pharma companies. The speed of the system enables us to increase our efficiency in ELISA plate reading.

E. Stoops, ADx NeuroSciences

Organoid growth system that enables the growth of funcitonal and uniform organoids

Cellular Mechanism of Cancer Cells

"With the new ClinoStar, we are able to maintain long-term 3D cell cultures that are used not only for tissue engineering approaches, but also to study the complex processes that allow a cancer cell to survive as a metastasis. This is critical for exploring new therapies to destroy cancer cells with metastatic properties. The ClinoStar will help to understand the cellular mechanisms that lead to metastasis in vitro and to develop anticancer countermeasures in vivo."

Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Krüger, Medizinische Fakultät Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg

SAFE Tourism in Spain!

Mallorca, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Alicante airports are running COVID19 PCR tests with our fast RT-PCR solution: Results in less than 1 hour! It was a pleasure for me to install the NextGenPCR instrument solution at Eurofins Megalab COVID test centers.

Olga Burgos, NGS specialist and areamanager Isogen Life Science

KU Leuven

Platereading for Protein Aggregation

"We study the aggregation of proteins in relation to brain disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease. An important assay in our arsenal is the analysis of aggregation kinetics using fluorescent amyloid dyes. For this detection, we use the CLARIOstar and FLUOstar Omega plate-readers from BMG LABTECH, because of their robustness and reproducible data. Additionally, they are easy to use for postdocs as for students."

Prof. Dr. J. Schymkowitz, VIB-KU Leuven, Center for Brain & Disease Research


RNA Sequencing for Gene Regulation Analysis

"We aim to identify the up and down regulated genes in failing hearts. RNA sequencingwith Lexogen technology helps us finding new therapeutic targets and Biomarkers.

I am impressed by the high professionalism standards and the great collaboration between Isogen Life Science and Lexogen."

Dr. J. P. Aboumsallem, UMCG Cardiology Research Institute

See beyond your Cells

Thanks to Isogen Life Science for such an amazing device as the LUNA II automated cell counter. Thanks to logos biosystems for the nice t-shirts we won for our select science evaluation.

- CiMUS, centre for Researh on Molecular Medicine and Chronic Disease

iCIEF in Pharmaceutics

iCIEF plays a critical for monitoring charge variants during biopharmaceutical development. The CEInfinite allows us to get a mass readout for the product variants detected by iCIEF, and this is a great help for understanding the chemical nature of the charge variants.

When combining the CEInfinite with high resolution Orbitrap MS, detailed insight into product variants and product stability can be achieved.”

PhD Dan Bach Kristensen, Principal Scientist Symphogen

iCIEF-MS for Proteoforms

"The CEInfinite enables direct coupling of iCIEF to mass spectrometry, which is a powerful tool for the characterisation of proteoforms on the intact level.

The obtained high resolution mass spectra are of excellent quality - For me a surprisingly high quality even for intact mAbs although we use generic separation methods (standard ampholytes)."

Prof. Dr. Christian Neusüß, Hochschule Aalen

Quick and Easy iCIEF

"CEInfinite iCIEF instrumentenables us to verify easily and quickly the behavior of the pI markers we have proposed.

The operation with the instrument is easy and the time for the separation in the order of minutes, while the same focusing task performed in the classical CE capillary equipment with pressure mobilisation took hours."

Prof. Bohuslav Gaš, Charles University, Faculty of Science

Ion Analysis with CE

We have been in possession of two CAPEL CE machines for over a year and we are very satisfied with these machines, the software is easy to use. With the CAPEL CE you can analyse anions, cations, hormones, vitamins, proteins, organic and inorganic acids.

Ing Kamran Nazmi, ACTA (Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam)

Mutations Analysis in the Pancreas with Organoids

Organoids derived from murine cancer models or patient tumours are valuable tools for precision medicine and drug development. We use the CelVivo ClinoStar system to grow spheroids and organoids quickly and in large quantities from small starting materials, mimicking in vivo-like intercellular communication, ultrastructure and metabolism. We also appreciate the potential that the ClinoStar system has for limiting the use of animal models in our research.

 Prof. Stine Falsing Pedersen, Copenhagen University

Characterisation, Fractionation, and Affinity Profiling of Complex Samples

“It was very interesting to discuss my results at FHI. Moreover, it was great to show some of the initial data obtained with the CEInfinite iCIEF system. We really see the potential of this device in the characterisation, fractionation, and affinity profiling of complex samples.”

Rob Haselberg, VU- BioAnalytische Chemie in Amsterdam

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