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Isogen Life Science B.V. was established in 1987 to distribute innovative laboratory equipment and services in the life science industry. Our products are used by a wide array of organisations, ranging from basic research labs, to QC release departments, biotechnology companies and diagnostics labs. The headquarters of Isogen Life Science are located in De Meern, the Netherlands, with sales operatives in Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal. Isogen Life Science also carries out activities across Europe for specific product ranges.

Quality Management

In order to keep improving ourselves, Isogen Life Science continuously monitors and analyses its performance. We are proud to indicate that we are ISO9001:2015 Certified. As customer satisfaction is the most important guideline for all our activities, we welcome any feedback you may have.


Isogen Life Science aims to accelerate innovation in the life sciences industry by equipping your laboratory or research institute with high quality and innovative research tools that allow you to enhance productivity and capture breakthrough discoveries. Isogen Life Science wants to be seen as a reliable, flexible partner for both standard equipment and consumables as well as for innovative products, where customers feel personally served and heard.

Products and services

Isogen Life Science distributes highly specialised research tools including instruments, reagents, and consumables in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry for biotechnology companies and research institutes. We also offer ATP detection, automation, cell counting, chromatography media, CE/CE-IEF, DNA/RNA/protein isolation, electrophoresis/blotting, imaging, microarray technology, molecular interaction, PCR, plate handling and reading, protein crystallisation, and spectrophotometry products, as well as peptides, plastics, and proteomics.

Isogen Life Science provides its customers with tailor-made support to ensure optimal performance and reliability throughout the life span of its products. Our range of service contracts allows you to design a service package that fits the needs of your laboratory or research institute. This allows you to choose the service level most appropriate to your needs and budget. 

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. In fact, your opinion is the most important guideline for our activities. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, and therefore welcome any feedback you may have.

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