Any wavelength, any bandwidth, any assay: CLARIOstar

High-end plate reader which combines flexibility with the best sensitivity possible.

Due to its Linear Variable Filter (LVF) monochromators and z-focal height adjustment, the CLARIOstar is the ideal reader for a lab with a big diversity in assays or for assay development and cell based-assays. The bandwidth can be set from 8 to 100 nm, which provides optimal flexibility to set the reader from high specific detection to optimal sensitive detection.

Read below for discovering why!

Broad range of applications

The CLARIOstar plate reader is suitable for a broad range of applications such as assay development, fast or enzyme kinetics, screening, protein detection and DNA/RNA quantification. The detection technologies are also diverse:

  • UV-Vis absorption
  • Fluorescence (FI, FRET, TR-FRET, polarisation)
  • Luminescence (LUM, NanoBRET, BRET)
  • AphaScreen/LISA/Plex.

Do you work with cell-based assays? This BMG plate reader is ideal for analysing living cells!

The CLARIOstar consist of a self-regulating O2 and CO2 gas regulation system and an incubator to keep the samples at the perfect temperature. Additionally, the gas ramps can easily reduce the O2 from ambient to hypoxic. 

Get to know the specifications in detail

A. No longer necessary to set a gain in advance.

Thanks to the special Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) Technology, each sample is automatically measured with the optimum sensitivity guide setting. As a result, it is no longer necessary to set a gain in advance. The EDR technology provides great ease of use with kinetic assays, where the end signal is still unknown or when there is a big diversity in signal strength within a plate.

B. Well surface scan for non-homogeneous sample

The CLARIOstar can easily change from top to bottom analysis. It consists of a well surface scan for non-homogeneous sample and is able to analyse a maximum of 1536 wells simultaneous.

Another possible way to measure non-homogeneous well contents:

  • Unique orbital
  • Spiral averaging feature.

Using these modes, the plate reader takes several measurements for each well on a defined orbit, collects the data and calculates an average. For real-time analysis the reagent injection can be used for addition of stimulus or inhibitors with 100 measurements per second.

Customer reviews

As a summary of the CLARIOstar specifications, we would like to emphasis the three main benefits for your research: 

  • High flexibility and sensitivity - LVF monochromator
  • Time saving – 1536 wells simultaneous
  • Living cell analysis – gas and temperature control

Do you want to know how happy CLARIOstar users are about the plate reader in different application fields? Read below! 

CLARIOstar is perfect

"We have installed a PHERAstar and a CLARIOstar plate reader to support Charles Rivers Client projects. We perform a wide variety of assays: HTRF, absorption, fluorescence, ELISA, Celltiter Glo, compound screening, cell-based assays and more. To realise optimal high throughput on the PHERAstar we use a stacker, which is ideal for the many samples we measure for our clients projects. The CLARIOstar is perfect due the flexibility of the monochromator, as we measure all kinds of samples and kits in different assays."

T. van der Heijden, Researcher Charles River Laboratories

CLARIOstar and neurodegenerative diseases

"For over 5 years, we use the CLARIOstar plate reader successfully for our biomarker assay research of neurodegenerative diseases. We provide these biomarker assays to CRO's and pharma companies. The speed of the system enables us to increase our efficiency in ELISA plate reading.

 In our research, we analyse cerebrospinal fluid for up- or down regulated proteins, as this is an indication for several brain diseases. We are also developing this study with blood/plasma samples. In the future, we will also use the pro-longed interval shaking option for amplification studies."

E. Stoops, ADx NeuroSciences

Support, maintenance and services

Application support free of charge!

Isogen Life Science provides its customers with tailor-made support to ensure optimal performance and reliability throughout the life span of our products, in this case plate readers.

We offer the possibility of organizing professional demonstrations to help visualize the benefits that our products can bring to you and your work. Isogen Life Science works with a team of experts and specialised in plate reader applications, who have in-depth knowledge of the work field. 

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