Capillary Electrophoresis Analysers

Complete icIEF and CE Solutions

Since 2004 our company has been the Total cIEF Solution Provider for any (i)cIEF assays, supporting and delivering the Total cIEF Solutions to the European market.

Besides the cIEF Solutions (icIEF, icIEF-Prep and icIEF-MS), we also offer the CAPEL Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) instruments to the European market*.

The CAPEL Capillary Electrophoresis instruments are robust, compact and well design to be used as Dedicated Analysers for several dedicated solutions in the fields of Biopharma, Environmental Analysis, Chemical Industry, Food Testing, Animal feeding and Veterinary.

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Develop your own assays 

Besides these dedicated solutions, you can use both CAPEL capillary electrophoresis instruments for developing your own specific assay(s). All assays that are described in the monographs or general chapters from pharmacopoeias can be executed on the CAPEL capillary electrophoresis instruments.

Both CAPEL capillary electrophoresis instruments are user-friendly for operation, so you can also use them as a simple CE tool to get familiar with CE technology. 

As being Total Solution Provider for CIEF and CE Solutions, we can help you with developing your assays. We will provide you the best services that you need.

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*Disclaimer except Czech Republic and Poland 

Customer Reviews

Customer review

Ion Analysis with CE

"With the CAPEL CE you can analyze anions, cations, hormones, vitamins, proteins, organic and inorganic acids.

We mainly analyze the salivary ions and release of calcium ions from hydroxyapatite fronds after a short acid attack. Furthermore we also determine the uric acid in saliva.

We have been in possession of two CAPEL CE machines for over a year and we are very satisfied with these machines, the software is easy to use."

Customer review

CE successfully used for stream and boiler water analysis

GESTRA AG, a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control, decides to implement capillary electrophoresis (CE), with the CAPEL-205 to conduct fast and accurate analyses of steam and boiler water samples.

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Customer review

CE introduced to the analysis of wine and spirits

One of the leading spirit production control companies in France, LEC successfully uses capillary electrophoresis (CE) for the determination of various compounds in wine and spirits with CE system Capel-105M, and managed to replace some conventional techniques.


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