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CelVivo 3D culture system

Are you in doubt to start up 3D cell cultures? Or are you looking for ways to optimize your current 3D culture assays? 
Stop searching and take a look at our CelVivo 3D cell culture system! 
The CelVivo system creates a perfect environment for culturing spheroids, organoids and other aggregates. It promotes the growth and maintenance of large 3D tissue mimetic structures. 

Originally founded in Denmark in 2014, CelVivo has developed an innovative called the clinostat principle. 

Benefits of the clinostat and 3D cell culture are:

  • Creation of a unique low shear force environment
  • Long term cultures and treatment
  • Growth conditions that mimic in vivo
  • Active diffusion promotes growth

The technology generates uniform, reproducible and functional spheroids and organoids. These spheroids mimic the function, structure and architecture of in vivo cells. Our technology isn’t only “3D culture”, it allows you doing research using cell models with an unprecedented correlation between in vivo and in vitro conditions, and closes the gap between 2D cell culture and cell function.
It is in use for research on Cancer Spheroids, Tissue Engineering, Drug Screening and 3D Stem Cell Culture.

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Celvivo logoCelVivo 3D cell culture systemCelVivo 3D cell culture system

The Clinostat system

The ClinoStar™ is a clinostat and CO2 incubator in which cell culture in 3D is possible. Together with a tablet the system’s environment can be controlled such as the temperature, CO2 level and all 6 clinostat motors can be controlled individually. 
Due to a centrally located fan the CO2 levels and temperature in the chamber is blended to ensure a homogenous growth environment. 

Features of the Clinostat system:

  • Stand-alone clinostat with 6 axles
  • CO2 and temperature adjustable
  • Individual precise speed adjustment
  • Uniform environment due to built-in fan
  • Automatic UV-decontamination
  • Real-time monitoring with cameras on bioreactors
  • Small footprint (42x45x25 cm)
  • Stack up to 3 units high

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The ClinoReactor™

An advanced disposable bioreactor with humidification and gas exchange system. Features: - Delivered individually wrapped - 10 mL growth culture chamber - Reduced risk of infection due to unique humidification system - The transparent front lit can be removed giving access to the cell culture plate; petri-dish like incubation chamber - Access ports together with the stand-up function allow easy exchange of media - The front port allows easy sampling of spheroids.

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The ClinoReactor™
The ClinoReactor™

The Clino Control unit

Tablet based interface controlling ClinoStar™ system is an Android based graphical user interface.

  • Benefits of the Clino Control unit:
  • Control up to 50 ClinoStar™ units
  • Video monitoring of your experiment
  • Experimental data logging and storage
  • Automatic updates possible
  • Working inside closed and open network environment both Wi-Fi and wired solution
  • Individual user login

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Celvivo technology has been used for cultivating:

  • Cryopreserved human primary hepatocytes
  • Immortal hepatoma cell line HepG2/C3A
  • Immortal hepatoma cell lines Huh-7
  • Immortalised hepatocytes (SV40 transformed): Fa2N-4
  • Human hepatic progenitor cell line: HepaRG
  • Human microvascular endothelial cell line: HMEC-1
  • Human monocyte Kupffer-cell-like cell line : THP-1
  • Human Colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line: LS180
  • Human adenocarcinoma cell line: HeLa
  • Human small cell lung cancer: NCI-H69 and sub clones
  • Rat insulinoma cell line: INS-1 and INS-1E
  • Rat islet cell line: RIN-m5F
  • Mouse pre-adipose embryo fibroblast cell line: 3T3-L1
  • Freshly isolated monkey (baboon) and rat islets of Langerhans
  • Freshly isolated human colon cancer biopsies 

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Customer Reviews

The Pedersen team investigates acid-base- and metabolite homeostasis in cancer development, metabolism and invasiveness. We combine state-of-the-art 3D cell culture with live imaging, mouse models, molecular- and computational biology.

Our ongoing projects focus on the interplay between driver mutations and adaptation to acidic microenvironment in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), using spheroids and organoids as model systems. Organoids are stem cell-derived three-dimensional cell structures which genetically resemble their tissue of origin. Organoids derived from murine cancer models or patient tumours are valuable tools for precision medicine and drug development, however their standard culture method is expensive, time-consuming and low-throughput. We use the CelVivo ClinoStar system to grow spheroids and organoids quickly and in large quantities from small starting materials, mimicking in vivo-like intercellular communication, ultrastructure and metabolism. We also appreciate the potential that the ClinoStar system has for limiting the use of animal models in our research.

 Prof. Stine Falsing Pedersen,

Copenhagen University

"…With the new ClinoStar, we are able to maintain long-term 3D cell cultures that are used not only for tissue engineering approaches, but also to study the complex processes that allow a cancer cell to survive as a metastasis. This is critical for exploring new therapies to destroy cancer cells with metastatic properties. The ClinoStar will help to understand the cellular mechanisms that lead to metastasis in vitro and to develop anticancer countermeasures in vivo."

Dr. rer. nat. Marcus Krüger,

Medizinische Fakultät Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg

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