Bioreactors: Fermentation and Cell Culture

The Biostream line of bioreactors offers a complete range of standard reactors for Research and Development (starting from 50 mL small scale reactors) in application fields like food, biobased, algae and cell culture.

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The affordable bioreactor of your choice

We manufacture a large range of fermenters and bioreactors, evolving from service, maintenance, and customization on existing bioreactors to supplying a complete range of standard reactors.

Our vision is to provide a total solution for our customers with the support of our experienced fermentation researchers.

We focus on bioreactor equipment for biopharma, vaccine development, cell therapy, industrial biotechnology, basic research, and education.


  • Flexible software 
  • Support during the whole workflow 
  • Be greener: Last up to 10 years!
  • Customisable to your cell culture needs

However, we are flexible in listening to customers’ needs and approaching the market when possible.

Our bioreactors can run in several modes of operation such as batch, fed-batch, continuous, and perfusion. All of them are compatible with a broad range of different cell types: Human cell lines, Animal cell lines, Plant cells, Insects, and Algae

different applications about biostream bioreactorsbioreactor fermentor for your cell culture


We commit to supporting you in the whole workflow, from consultation to installation, support, and equipment maintenance. Do you work on any of the below applications? Share your application with us!

  • Process development, optimization, and characterization
  • Scale-up and scale-down studies
  • Seed expansion and small-scale production
  • Cell bank production
  • Protein supply


Download the brochure for more information about software, dimensions, and its flexibility!

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Bio-Bench Bioreactors

Advanced modular bioreactors in automation, software and mechanical engineering that offer high flexibility and modularity with quick and easy upgrades and replacements and with an intelligent design.

Modular specifications

The Bio Bench is even more modular than the Bio Book. The Bio Bench bioreactor consists of different modules such as PLC, gas mixing, pumps and temperature modules. These modules can be replaced at any time without the need of a technician. This bioreactor is also scalable. It is available in one, two, four, eight, eight and twelve bioreactors. High flexibility and versatility is achieved as you can work integrated with the controllers or as standalone unit.


Scalability of can be performed at any time, due to the wide range of vessels. Autoclavable glass vessels or disposable vessel range in size from 50 mL to 50 L. With the bio bench fermenter, you can work in batch, feed-batch or continuous mode, due to the BioFlex software. All bioreactors are qualified according to pharmaceutical standards.

Benefits of the Bio-Bench

  • Unique design: Different colors on the cover to customize the design LED light adjustable. Complies to all laboratory requirements. 
  • 12'' touchscreen: Intuitive and advanced control of up to 6 BioBenches at a time. 
  • Proprietary software: Integration of instruction movies and protocols. Easy adaptation for your specific needs.\
  • Customisability: 1 – 5 Pumps integrated and more pumps outside the unit. 
    • Motor, light control, flow control and pupm configuration.
  • User friendly: Short cables for pH, dO, antifoam and temperature sensors can be quickly plugged in thanks to easy connectors. 
  • Data Export: Multiple options for data export, including used parameters and setpoints.

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