Plates, Tubes & Sample Storage

Deepwell Plates

Our deepwell plates are made from virgin polypropylene and have a higly visible matrix. Each plate can be individually barcoded on request. This is ideal for use in liquid handling systems or automated purification robots. It can resist temperatures from -80 0C to 121 0C and is therefore also autoclavable. 

  • Available in round and conical wells
    • Round wells: 0.5 mL or 1.0 mL
    • Conical wells: 2.0 mL or 200 µL
  • Non sterile and sterile
  • SBS footprint for automation


The microplates are available in 3 shapes: Flat, Round or Conical (V-shaped) bottoms. All with a highly visible, solvent resistant alpha matrix. 

  • High chemical resistance
  • Raised wells to prevent cross contamination
  • SDS footprint for automated systems
  • Working volume of 320 µL (square/conical) or 370 µL (round)

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TubeOne® Microcentrifuge Tubes

Our TubeOne® tubes stay sealed during freezing, boiling and/or centrifuging and are still easy to open afterwards.


  • Rated to 20.000 x g, but will perform to higher specification under optimal conditions
  • Supplied in resealable bags
  • Convenient mini-packs save on autoclaving
  • Temperature range: -80°C to 121°C
  • Autoclavable
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free

Microcentrifuge tube leak test
Does your tube maintain a seal while heating?

Although a tube may remain closed, evaporation can occur when a seal is incomplete.

Our TubeOne® passes the test with no leaks!

     Did you know?

     100 TubeOne® tubes fit nicely into a Large TipOne® rack for safe storage or autoclaving.

We offer a wide variety on microcentrifuge tubes:

  • Ultra high recovery
  • High speed
  • Crystal clear
  • Super Safe
  • Sterile - Single wrapped
  • Capless
  • Microtubes in rack

Preparation Tubes

Ideal for preparation of biological and chemical samples up to 5.0 mL

  • Perfect for microbial incubation and pellet preparation
  • Black tubes for light sensitive reactions

Screw Cap Microtubes

Suitable for many applications from sample storage in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen to freezer, through boiling in autoclave.

  • 0.5 mL, 1.5 mL and, 2.0 mL
  • Ribbed, Plain and, Graduated tubes
  • Skirted and, conical tube bases
  • Natural or Amber colored tubes
  • Easy grip, standard and tethered caps
  • Sterile and non-sterile tubes
  • High impact screw cap microtubes - shatter resistant for bead beating applications

Cryogenic Vials

Cryogenic vials are for the storage and transportation of biological materials.

  • For storage down to -196 oC (only for gas phase of liquid nitrogen)
  • High impermeability
  • 1.0 mL, 1.8 mL, 3.6 mL and 4.5 mL
  • Skirted or Conical vials
  • Internal or external threaded tubes
Cryogenic vials
Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuge tubes

  • 15 or 50 mL tubs
  • Loose or racked tubes
  • Conical or skirted tubes

Culture tubes

For most routine laboratory procedures. Made from polypropylene (-190 oC to 120 oC, 3000 x g) or polystyrene (-10 oC to 70 oC, 1400 xg). They have a high resistance to breakage, which reduces danger in handling infectious or other harmful cultures. Both aerobic and anaerobic cultures can be captured. (14 mL capicity).


We offer different types of seals: Self adhesive, heat sealing and parafilm. The self adhesve seals for PCR can be from Aluminium, Clear Polyolefin or for qPCR Xtra-Clear Advanced Polyolefin seals. The Aluminium and polyester seals can be used in automated systems. Seals for other applications include Polyester (sterile) seals or breathable (sterile) films.

The heat sealing fims are suitable for PCR: Peelable, Thermo Seal Film, Easy Pierce or Optically Clear films.


  • Seal Applicator - polyethylene applicator for self adhesive seals
  • Sealing Brayer - soft rubber roller for self-adhesive seals
PCR seals

Sample storage

We offer a wide variety for sample storage boxes.

  • Polypropylene storage boxes
  • Cardboard storage boxes
  • Cryogenic storage boxes
  • Centrifuge Tube storage
  • Multi-Tube racks
  • PCR sample racks
sample storage freezer

Benchtop Coolers

  • Chiller Racks
  • Ice bath/Floating rack
  • Transport cases & coolers

Freezer racking systems

  • Stainless steel freezer racking
  • Aluminium freezer racking




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