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Imaging Capillary Isoelectric Focusing Solutions

Isogen Life Science is the exclusive distributor of the CEInfinite Imaging Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (icIEF) product line from AES (Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd). 

Since 2004 our company has been the Total cIEF Solution Provider for any (i)cIEF assays, supporting and delivering the Total cIEF Solutions to the European market. For Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) Solutions, we offer the CAPEL CE instruments. covering a complete icIEF and CE Solutions.

CEInfinite icIEF Instruments

The CEInfinite is a new generation multifunctional platform with a whole column imaging detection (WCTID) automated cIEF system, standard equipped with a high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor and powerful deep UV LED light source. All this, enables us to provide systems capable of increasing scan rate over 100-fold compared to any other (i)cIEF systems on the market. 

It enables the study of fast dynamic processes more accurately, higher sensitivity, empowering Taylor dispersion, rapid measurement of protein hydrodynamic radius, and protein interaction studies.

Our CEInfinite Chromeleon Driver integration allows you to work in a well control laboratory environment and streamlining workflow while meeting 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. We are in the process of developing Empower integration as well.

Furthermore, thanks to our patented Capillary Diameter Transformation Technique (CDTT), iCIEF systems enable you to perform direct coupling to MS for in-depth characterization studies and high-resolution icIEF fractionation for affinity, SPR, ELISA, peptide mapping,  and many more biological assays.

CEInfinite icIEF benefits:

Fast Protein Charge Analysis

CEInfinite dramatically increases the scan rate over 100 times compared to any other imaging time-resolved cIEF systems.

  • Fast protein charge analysis can be performed with the automated CEInfinite icIEF-Analytical instrument
  • The physical separation of the charge variants, structural and functional analyses are done by icIEF-Prep and/or online icIEF-MS.
  • Thanks to the long and small transfer capillary, the automated CEInfinite icIEF-Prep instrument enables you to spot the separated protein elution to a MALDI target plate, SPR plate or others.

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Other icIEF Assays

Our assay methods coverage include:

  • Monoclonal antibodies (mAb), bispecific mAbs, and antibody drug conjugates (ADC)
  • Fusion proteins, adeno-associated viruses (AAV), viral proteins
  • Messenger RNAs (mRNA)
  • Lipid nanoparticles (LNP)
  • Enzymes
  • Exosomes, 
  • and more!

                 Monoclonal antibody                                        Bispecific antibody                                        Fusion Proteins

Our assay methods covere mAb, bispecific mAb, ADC,  fusion protein,AAV , mRNA, LNPs, enzyme, virus proteins and many more.

Receive a Special Package Deal *

  • Placement of a new icIEF-Analytical instrument 
  • Placement of a new icIEF-Prep instrument

We offer a special package flexible to your needs.

Book a meeting with us to have more in-depth discussions about your needs and how we can help you from multiple icIEF instruments, several years of maintenance contracts, and/or life-time product supply of icIEF reagents and consumables.  

*Valid until the 31st March 2024.

Placement of a new icIEF and/or

Placement of icIEF-Prep for all icIEF assays


chromeleon compatibility

  • icIEF-Analytical instrument: Profiling your proteins on pI values
  • icIEF-Prep Placement benefits:
    • Profiling your proteins on pI values.
    • Fractionation: High resolution of 0.1 pI differences and fast sample runs <45 minutes.
    • icIEF-MS direct coupling: Intact analysis of charge variants and more. One run <45 minutes

*Valid until the 31st March 2024.

Customer Reviews

Customer Review: icIEF in Pharmaceutics

"icIEF plays a critical for monitoring charge variants during biopharmaceutical development. The CEInfinite allows us to get a mass readout for the product variants detected by icIEF, and this is a great help for understanding the chemical nature of the charge variants.

When combining the CEInfinite with high resolution Orbitrap MS, detailed insight into product variants and product stability can be achieved.

In short, icIEF MS using the CEInfinite is a very powerful characterisation tool in biopharmaceutical development.”

Dan Bach Krinstensen (PhD - Principal Scientist)

icIEF-MS for Proteofroms

"The CEInfinite enables direct coupling of icIEF to mass spectrometry, which is a powerful tool for the characterisation of proteoforms on the intact level.
The obtained high resolution mass spectra are of excellent quality - For me a surprisingly high quality even for intact mAbs although we use generic separation methods (standard ampholytes)."

Prof. Dr. Christian Neusüß (Hochschule Aelan)

Quick and Easy icIEF

"CEInfinite iCIEF instrument enables us to verify easily and quickly the behavior of the pI markers we have proposed.

The operation with the instrument is easy and the time for the separation in the order of minutes, while the same focusing task performed in the classical CE capillary equipment with pressure mobilization took hours."

Professor Bohuslav Gas (Charles University, Faculty of Science)

Read his article: CE determination of the thermodynamic pKa

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