CEInfinite pI Markers

CEInfinite pI Markers

The isoelectric point (pI) of proteins can be calibrated with two pI markers in imaged Capillary Isoelectric Focusing (iCIEF) and conventional CIEF.

We offer synthetic small molecule and synthetic peptide pI markers that evenly cover pH range from 2.5 to 12. Using the Total CEInfinite Solution will give you higher resolution because of the AESlytes Carrier Ampholytes, but also an increased analytical throughput with the PA coated High Sensitive Imaging CIEF Cartridge allows for narrow range focussing in less than 6 minutes only.

The CEInfinite iCIEF instrument has an improved injection system which will increase reproducibility. With the special cartridge designs, the CEInfinite allows you to improve resolution and sensitivity of your (i)CIEF assay. The system has also been designed to further reduce on running costs (e.g. consumables, lamp, filter etc.)

Overview of the CEInfinite pI Markers

Reference standard isoelectric point (pI) markers are essential for calibrating the pI of the proteins in your iCIEF assay. The CEInfinite pI Markers are ready to dilute 100 times into a sample and carrier ampholyte mixture for protein pI calibration, confirmation of pH gradient linearity, and CIEF process control. 

To facilitate accurate and reproducible pI calibration, at least one CEInfinite pI Marker is provided within each 0.5 pH unit.
The CEInfinite small peptide pI Markers may be degraded in the presence of enzyme, which interrupts protein assays. Therefore, we offer a selection of CEInfinite pI Markers from pI 2.5 to 12 that resist to enzyme digestion. Our CEInfinite pI Markers are delivered in a variety of package sizes and have long shelf lives, which makes it easy for you to reduce potential waste and save your restocking time. 

NEW range of fluorescent pI markers: 2.85, 3.21, and 11.20.

Custom Made Solution Services

Custom made CEInfinite pI Markers can be offered upon request. Please contact us for further support on this custom made solution services.

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