Automated Liquid Handling

Make your workflow more accurate: Autmated systems

We offer automated instruments that help you on the whole workflow to save time, be more accurate and reduce human error. In this section, you can find out more information regarding liquid handling systems, capper/decapper systems, and tube transfer systems. 

Liquid Handling Systems

Tub-related systems

A broad range of solutions from our portfolio can be automised or incorporated in your automated workflow. Let us know your needs, and we will help you with it!

NEW! EzMate, your Automatic Liquid Handling trustworthy

Our new EzMate automated pipetting system is ideal for routine low volume pipetting, and helps eliminate tedious pipetting and human error, which enables more precise and standardized results to improve productivity. With highly-customized adapters and application-oriented software, EzMate can satisfy the various needs of assays, including PCR/qPCR set up, sample normalization, NGS preparation, and reagent kit manufacturing methods.


  • Easy to use: A simple operation software and instrument, where no tools are required. In just 1 h you can become the software master! 
  • Save costs: Our system is the most affordable system available.
  • Save hands-on time
  • Reduce human errors: Better precision than manual pipetting.
  • High accuracy and precision: down to 1μl

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Our EzMate has already shown a wide variety of applciation support. Feel free to check the applications below to see how can help you on your research.

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Automated Liquid Handling for complete workflow optimisation

In need for a more elaborated system than the compact Hamilton Microlab Prep? Then the PurePrep FR is perfect for you. 

Fill out plates with high precision, high yields and high reproducability. The customisable protocols, racks, containers and more create flexibility in working with this liquid handler. Ideal for downstream processing set-ups, like the PCR and LAMP set-up. Perform multiple dispensing, mixing and serial dilutions.


  • Perfect fit for 6, 12, 24, 96 and 384 well plates
  • Wide volume range: 10 – 1000 μL
  • 12 positions on the deck (SBS format)
  • Go sustainable - Optional tip reusability
  • Control of integrated devices (heater/shaker)
  • The programme keeps track of your activities
  • Built-in tip and liquid level detection


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Automated liquid handling

NEW! Screw Cap Capper/Decapper

One of the latest incoportations in our portfolio is the EzDecap Automated Screw Cap Decapper. It is an innovative and affordable solution designed to automate sample tube cap handling across a wide range of applications, from cryotubes to 50 ml centrifuge tubes.

EzDecap enables practical one-handed automation, reducing cap dropping errors and enhancing efficiency. Moreover, it offers four operation modes to address different tube handling needs, and its compact design is well-suited for both biosafety cabinets and bench-top operation.


How can it benefit your workflow?

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlines tube handling with one-handed operation using patent-pending technology, ideal for high-volume daily tasks.
  • Affordable Solution: Enjoy comprehensive functionality at a cost-effective price.
  • Broad tubes compatibility
  • Optimal Space: Compact dimensions to make sure it fits into biosafety cabinets and workbenches. 

Tube Transfer Systems

Do you work with tubes? Then the liquid handling system with tube transfer is perfect for you. De-cap and cap tubes, transfer liquid fast, accurate and consistent from tubes to deep wellplates. Easy to keep track of your samples with the barcoded plates and tubes.

tube transfer system
  • Ideal for large scale, high-throughput laboratories
  • Handle 320 tubes per hour
  • Lack of system liquid further prevents potential contamination;
  • Process tubes with swabs
  • Easily resume your run by any interruptions (door open, emergency stop, or power faillure)

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Liquid Dispenser

Efficiently fill up your deepwell plates and elution plates. Fill up to 4 plates simultaneously with up to 4 different liquids with differing dispensing liquids. Within seconds your plates are filled with 93% accuracy.

  • Dispensing range of 100 μL – 2500 μL
  • Minimise human errors
  • Decrease hands on time and speed up the process
automated liquid handling

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