Automated Western Blot Processor

Switch to automation with automated western blot processors

Switching to automation has its many advantages and nothing of your current workflow needs to change. Use your existing protocols and reagents. Plus, it is compatible to be used in your existing workflow.

The most important aspect for development of western blots, is its reproducibility. With the BlotCycler you do not have to worry on this aspect. Be consistent and reduce your variation in fluid delivery, timing and washing with this automatic western blot processor.

Additional to reproducibility, high productivity is an advantage of the BlotCycler. 12 blots at the time can be processed. With 6 positions for trays, 12 separate antibody containers, 1 large washing buffer tank and collection vials to collect and reuse primary antibodies.

Walk away and let the machine do your work, even over the weekend. You can set up your own protocols with up to 100 steps. Here you can change the blocking and incubation time from 10 minutes to 48 hours. With the remote-control function, you can track and adjust you process anytime and anywhere.

The unique washing method of the BlotCycler removes all traces of reagents. Also, the western blot processor is gravity fed. Meaning no pumps or complex fluid handling is needed for the operation of the system.

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Five identical blots were processed using BlotCycler. Each blot contained three lanes: HeLa whole cell lysate; the recombinant protein Human IL-2, and mixture of HeLa whole cell lysate and h-IL-2. Blots were incubated with a mix of rabbit anti-IL2 and mouse anti-α-tubulin, then probed with corresponding secondary antibodies: DyLight™ 549 conjugated anti-mouse IgG and DyLight™ 649 conjugated anti-rabbit IgG. The precise timing, consistent solution changes, and efficient washing made possible with automated processing resulted in excellent reproducibility. As seen on the left.

Low temperatures

Even at low temperature the automated western blot processor provides great results. Two identical blots were incubated with primary antibodies at 4°C and then processed either at 4°C using BlotCycler or at RT (room temperature) manually. As shown on the right.

Benefits of the BlotCycler

  • Increased sensitivity and low background due to consisten washing
  • User friendly – automatic cleaning
  • Increases productivity – 12 blots simultaneously

Also available in an even smaller size: BlotCycler Mini

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