PurePrep 96 automated dna extraction system

PurePrep 96 DNA and RNA purification system

The PurePrep 96 is an automated DNA and RNA purification system. In this automated dna extraction system magnetic rods transfer magnetic beads through the different phases of isolation: Mixing, binding, washing and elution. These steps occur in high speed of only 15 to 40 minutes, depending on the research. The PurePrep is ideal for high throughput as 96 samples can be purified per run. These samples can go up to 1 mL (50 µL to 1000 µL).

DNA and RNA purification system compatability

The PurePrep purify system is very flexible. It is compatible for many samples: Cultured cells, bacteria, plant, blood samples and cell-free body fluids. Additionally, it is also compatible to connect to other workflows, or combined with other automatic systems as robot arms or a liquid handler.

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Sterile, accurate and easy to use

A UV sterilisation program is set in the extraction system, as are cross contamination prevention tools. A drip shield plate avoid reagents splashing and the software control avoids bead drying. Besides that, the DNA and RNA purification system has a temperature accuracy of +/- 1oC for stability of the samples. The front of the machine can be opened at any time for reagents optimisation or a performance check.

The automated dna extraction system is user-friendly, as it is easy to install, operate and maintain without the use of an external computer. It also consist of a QR code identification for reagent recognition, without the need for program selections. Also, it has automatic consumable detection.

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Benefits of the PurePrep 96 purification robot

  • Combine with different workflows and other automatic systems
  • High speed and High throughput
  • User-friendly

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