Nucleic Extraction kits

The Extraction and Purification kits can be used for manual and automatic DNA and RNA extractions. Therefore ideal for the  Pure Prep 96 automatic extraction systems. The several kits offer high quality as they retrieve high yields of DNA and high purity. Also, they efficiently remove PCR inhibitors. It can be applied in SNP genotyping and DNA sequencing.

Benefits of the extraction kits:

  • High flexibility - suitable for high and low throughput studies
  • Small elution volumes
  • Short protocol
  • Minimal accessory needed
  • High reproducibility

Animal extraction kit

This kit is ideal for mammalian samples, like blood, semen, saliva, lysed tissue and hair. In just 20 minutes 96 samples are processed. The extraction kit for mammalian samples is suitable for animal parental testing/breeding identity checks.  

Pathogens Extraction kit

(also available with CE-IVD certification)

The Pathogens extraction kit can be used for blood, plasma, serum, urine, swab, tissue samples and feces. Within 40 minutes you can process 96 samples with this extraction kit. With this purification kit (potentially) infectious samples can be handled, as it is designed to avoid cross-contamination.

With use of this kit no phenol or chloroform extractions or alcohol percipitations need to be performed. Creating a more easy purification of your samples.

DNA extraction

Plant Extraction kit

The plant extraction kit is ideal for the extraction of DNA from a wide variety of plants. For example sugar, tomatoes, peper, wheat, cucumber, sunflower, rose, maize, and beet. This kit works great even with plants with high amounts of secondary metabolites. Within just 30 minutes you can process 96 samples. 

Seed Extraction kit

The extraction chemistry of the seed extraction kit is specifically designed for plant samples rich in fats and oils, as seeds. The kit can be customised with variable lysis buffers, to optimise the purification of your sample type. The kit is also compatible for oilseed crops and is suitable to perform quality controls on seeds.

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