Live cell imaging system

Monitor your cells in real-time: The Microscope-in-incubator EzScope

NEW! Keep your cells alive through the entire process of your research!

Cell culture enables you to grow cells for a specific period to study cells behaviour under specific conditions depending on each researcher's life science project. However, what all of them have in common is checking cell's growth health. Cells need to grow happy and healthy. 

 With our new microscope-in-incubator solution, the hassles of removing cells from the incubator for observation disappear. Incorporate the microscope inside the incubator and visualise your cells from your computer. Therefore, you can see if your cells need new media or not, how they are growing, and even visualise cell migration or aggregation without even standing up!

Capture your cells in real-time

Being able to monitor your cells without the need of taking them out of the incubator enables to perform studies such as cell migration, growth, and invasion between other phenotypic cell-based assays.

Live cell imaging systems help to streamline your research workflow with improved efficiency and productivity. EzScope 101 brings 24/7 measurements under precisely controlled conditions in a non-perturbing environment. You can observe the images anytime, with walk-away convenience.  Up to four samples can be monitoring simultaneously in a same incubator. This feature helps reduce repetitive action, saves time, and op timizes experiment efficiency.

The EzScope in your lab benefits your research!

  • Error reduction: Less errors because of a decrease in environmental variations due to a non-perturbing environment.
  • Space saving: Its compact design in size enables you to connect up to 4 units.
  • Reduce contamination risk
  • Save time and optimize experiment efficiency thanks to monitoring up to four samples in the same incubator.
  • EzCapture Software enables easy images editing, correction of background brightfield, and creation of time-lapse video output.
  • Your cells, from anywhere: Remote monitoring of your cell asssays.
  • Maintenance based on minimal cleaning 

Assay Applications

EzScope has recorded different cell lines for different projects worldwide successfully. The broad range of applications where it can be used is listed below.

  • Catch me if you can! Recognition and attachment of human killer T cells to cancer cells to kill them, Cancer treatment drug screening, Immunotherapy research, Chemotaxis 
  • Cell migration: Tumor Cell Cluster formation, wound healing, cell confluence... 
  • Stem Cell Research: monitor cell behavior when inoculation on a gelatin matrix. 
  • Pathology infection experiments: For instance, the determination of infection can be performed by analysing morphology changes.

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