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Nadia Instrument

The Nadia Instrument of Dolomite Bio is a microfluid based platform for single cell analysis or RNA sequencing and guides you through all the relevant scRNA-Seq steps. On a microfluidic chip, thousands of single cells are individually encapsulated together with barcoded oligo beads. Inside each droplet, the cells are lysed (broken open) and their mRNA is captured on a single uniquely barcoded bead. Droplets are collected in the on-chip reservoir. 

It can be used for up- and down-stream processes: RT, PCR and NGS on Illumina sequencers. Up to 8 samples can be measured parallel at a time under 20 minutes. Over 50.000 single cells can be captured per cartridge in a single run. Once sequenced Nadia data can be seamlessly analysed by easy to use and affordable bioinformatic pipelines such as dropSeqPipe or Partek Flow.

Single Cell

The scRNA-Seq Reagent Kit and other consumables complements the Nadia Instrument with qualitative and easy-to-use cell profiling.

Benefits of the Nadia Instrument

  • Low cell doublet rates – due to gentle cell agitation
  • Scalable – 1,2,4 to 8 samples simultaneous
  • No cross contamination - disposable chips and no wetted instrument parts
  • Temperature control (4-40 0C) – to maintain the transcriptome state
Nadia Instrument
Nadia Innovate

Nadia Innovate

The Nadia Innovate is developed for the rapid creation of new single cell protocols and applications. These single cell sequencing protocols can thereafter be applied in the Nadia Instrument. With the Nadia Innovate several parameters can be set such as droplet size, frequency, temperature, agitation and timing. This flexibility allows to study a wide variety of cell types and optimal single cell sequencing.

After setting the parameters, the droplet formations can be easily visualised real-time due to the high speed microscope and build-in camera.

Benefits of the Nadia Innovate

  • Creation of new applications & protocol optimisation
  • Easy process visualisation
  • Compatible with varying buffer compositions
  • Protocol sharing with other Nadia users

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