FLUOstar Omega

FLUOstar Omega: Upgradable Multi-mode Microplate Reader

The FLUOstar Omega is a plate reader that is applicable for a wide range of research: basic, life science and assay development. It is able to perform UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence (FRET, TR-FRET), luminescence (BRET), AlphaScreen and AlphaLISA.

This BMG microplate reader is suitable for the analysis of quick and slow kinetics. As, the data can be obtained by 50 data points per second to 2.5 data points per hour. With the MARS data analysis software and matrix scan mode, the wells can be easily graphically analysed with 900 data points per well.

The UV-Vis absorbance is measured in full spectra (220-1000 nm) with a selectable resolution from 1 to 10 nm, within 1 second per well, up to 1536 well-formats. The other detection possibilities are measured up to 384 wells with use of filters. This creates a high light transmission and blockage of undesired wavelengths. It is the most cost-efficient multimode reader for fluorescent and luminescent detection.

Plate reader

Specifications, modes and upgrades

Further features are the multi-colour detection, temperature control, shaking and an atmospheric control unit. These features are especially handy for the analysis and handling of living cells and bacteria. Additionally, an on-board injector is present, which is beneficial because of its accuracy, low dead volume and adjustable parameters (speed, timing and amounts per well) and it is suitable for light sensitive reagents.

The FLUOstar plate reader is also upgradable. These upgrades include among others additional detection modes, reagent injectors, extended temperature control.

Benefits of the FLUOstar Omega

  • Fast and slow kinetics analysis
  • Increased accuracy - Built-in injector 
  • Easy analysis - MARS data analysis and matrix scan mode
  • Suitable for living cell and bacteria analysis

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