NanoDrop One

In short: What is a NanoDrop? The NanoDrop is a spectrophotometer which quantifies your DNA/RNA/protein sample with ONLY 1-2 µL in 3 seconds.

The NanoDrop One is the succesor of the NanoDrop 1000 and NanoDrop 2000. The NanoDrop quantifies and qualifies DNA, RNA and protein samples with only 1-2 µL. It provides full UV-Vis spectral data within three seconds. The NanoDrop One uses  Thermo Scientific Acclaro Sample intelligence technology, which determines the concentration of the sample and identifies contaminants. The NanoDrop contains a library with the most common impurities used for the identification. Such impurities are for example phenol or guanidine. If the impurity is not recognised, the NanoDrop spectrophotometer still measures an impurity and corrects the concentration of your sample. The NanoDrop One contains embedded sensors and digital image analyses and therefore provides measurement integrity.

The options for measurements are ssDNA, dsDNA, RNA, oligo DNA, oligo RNA and custom factor. Examples for applications are contamination identification, hemoglobin measurements and quantification of chlorophylls or glucose.

The analysis of the NanoDrop One has a wavelength accuracy of +/- 1 nm and an absorbance accuracy of 3%. Even with the many possibilities the NanoDrop One is a very compact apparatus, due to its standalone design and use of touchscreen, meaning that there is no additional PC needed.

Overall, the NanoDrop One requires small pipette samples, is faster, more compact and easier in use than other spectrometers.

If you are looking for a high throughput spectrophotometer, but still want the benefits of a NanoDrop? Then the NanoDrop 8000 is ideal for you.

Additionally, the NanoDrop can have a fluorescence function: NanoDrop 3300.

Benefits of the NanoDrop One

  • Microvolume sample size – 1-2 µL
  • Time saving – measurement within 3 seconds
  • Save bench space – standalone design with touchscreen
  • Additional cuvette measurement in NanoDrop One (C)

Download the NanoDrop One Brochure

Download the NanoDrop One User Guide

Download the NanoDrop One Application Note for Contaminant ID

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Nanodrop One Containment Analysis
Nanodrop One

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