Fluorescence Cell Counters

Fluorescence cell counters

Go for an unbiased research and switch to automation. Especially for QC this is important together with 21 CRF part 11 compliance. Get the best cell counting system for your research, or contact us for tips.

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Fast, accurate, affordable automated Cell Counter

Reduce potential errors switching to automated systems with our fluorescencecell counter:

  • Save time: measurements in 20s/ sample
  • Save space in the lab due to its compact dimensions
  • Easy and intuitive software
  • Maintenance free
  • Reproducible and repeatable results
  • Mammalian, algae and yeast cells

High resolution Images: Provides visual evidence of your research!

ARTHUR - Fluorescence Cell Counter

Arthur is a 3-channel desktop image analyser that allows users to perform assays for cells in suspension, including GFP and RFP expression.

Arthur™ is a solution to assays of a wide variety of eukaryotic cells. Depending on complexity of a assay and the number of fields captured,
it takes Arthur™ 10 seconds to 2 minutes to complete the assay with only 25 μL of sample.

The Arthur™ Fluorescence Cell Counter features two fluorescent channels (green & red) as well as bright field.
Performs a broad range of assays: cell counting & viability, GFP&RFP expression, Annexin V apoptosis analysis, and cell cycle analysis.

Consumables are slides AC0500 and alignment beads AB0100

ARTHUR - Fluorescence Cell Counter
ADAM MC2 - Automated cell counter

ADAM MC2 - Automated cell counting system

ADAM-MC2, an automated fluorescence cell counter, performs viability and cell counting measurements using the PI (Propidium Iodide) staining method, combined with advanced image analysis. It only takes 25 seconds to get the result. It measures the number of total cells, viable cells, non-viable cells and shows viability results.

  • Less than 25 sec to get results
  • Cell therapy quality control
  • Cells countable with ADAM-MC2: stem cell / CAR-T cell / CAR-NK cell / Adipose-derived stem cell
  • Automated image analysis
  • Accurate result, sensitive CMOS detection, and precise automatic stage

Consumables are slides AD4K-200 and other consumables ADR-1000 solution, ADB-500 calibration bead

ADAM CellT – Automated cell counter for cGMP 

It takes only 25 seconds for ADAM-CellT to present results. The Adam-CellT has an easy-to-use built-in tablet and complies with 21 CFR part 11.
When the 21 CFR part 11-mode is activated, data can’t be modified by any user.

Every action is recorded in an audit trail included the date, time and specific details of the action.
ADAM calibration beads allow quick diagnosis when problems occur, which ensures accuracy of the instruments.

  • Compliance with 21CFR part 11
  • Automated image analysis
  • Accurate results
  • Sensitive CMOS detection and pecise automatic stage
  • Auto focus
  • Cell therapy quality control

The consumables are slides: AD2K-200, AD4K-200

ADAM CellT – Automated cell counter for cGMP



COUNTSTAR® Rigel S2 – Rigel S3 – Rigel S5 and Rigel S6 Fluorescence Cell Analyzers

The Countstar System combines the two fluorescence channels plus a bright field digital microscope, an image cytometer, and a cell counting system in a single bench-top instrument. This application-driven, compact, automated cell imaging system provides an all-in-one solution for cell counting, cell viability and cell transfection efficiency through the use of preconfigured biological applications. 

Specifically optimized for analysis of primary cells from peripheral blood, including PBMC, 
CAR-T, NK cell and MSC, which commonly used in cell therapy.

  • Automatic Detection 5 Samples in one single test sequence.
  • GMP and 21 CFR Part 11 ready
  • Multi channel, multi functions
  • "Fixed focus" patent, no manual focusing.
  • All in one design- Touch screen user interface

Disposable slides: 00 00 02 04 0001    -   00 00 02 04 0010

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