Bacterial cell counters & Yeast cell counters


Automated Yeast Cell Counter Logos LUNA-II YF™

The LUNA-II YF™ has an autofocusing cell counting and declustering algorithm that counts individual yeast cells in just 15 seconds.

Brewing and winemaking industries, the quantity of yeast pitched to initiate fermentation directly affects the flavor, aroma, and quality of the final product. 

Although yeast can be pitched by weight or volume, such methods are inexact and highly variable. Use the LUNA-II YF™ automated yeast cell counter to get accurate and reproducible yeast cell counts in as little as 15 seconds

Disposable slides: L12005, L12006, L12007 
Reusable: L12011, L12012, L12010 

Microbial Bacterial Cell Counter Logos QUANTOM Tx™

The QUANTOM Tx™ Microbial Cell Counter is an image-based, automated Bacterial cell counter that can detect individual bacterial cells in few minutes. 

No more waiting days to count CFUs. In less than 30 seconds, the QUANTOM Tx™ scans up to 10 fields of view to produce accurate single bacterial cell counts.

The advanced software can account for the varying shapes, sizes, and arrangements of different bacteria.

Bacteria are an incredibly diverse group of organisms that come in multiple shapes, sizes, and arrangements. Colony counting is a highly variable and unreliable, as it is only an estimate of the viable cells present.

Disposable slides: Q12001, Q12002 

Microbial Cell Counter Logos QUANTOM Tx™

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