Bacterial cell counters & Yeast cell counters

Microbial Cell Counting

Do you do research on microbiology? Counting your bacteria cells now is easy, accessible and accurate. Have a look at our cell counters for microorganisms. 

Counting Yeast and Bacteria is now possible! 

Revolutionised Characterisation of small cells

On the other hand, we also have in our portfolio an automated cell counter for microbial cell analysis. 

  • Consistent, clear and high-resolution images of small cells: Down to 1 μm.
  • Identification of cells density, concentration, viability and transfection efficacy within seconds.
  • 100x time saving: Sample preparation in 5-10 min.
  • Reduce material waste and achieve high throughput: Slides with 5 chambers
  • Suitable for E. coli, P. pastoris, S. cerevisiae, platelets, erytrocytes, and chlorella. 
  • 10x optical magnification with its fix focus technology. 


cell counter for bacteria typesFrom left to right: Brewer's yeast, Filamentous yeast, Chlorella, Blood platelet. 

Cell Analysis System / Image Cytometry - bacteria analysis with countstar

For Yeast Cell Counting, you can save time now with our automated yeast counter.

  • Fast measurement: 20s for each sample.
  • Yeast cell count and size data comparable with a hemocytometer.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Save space in the lab due to its compact dimensions.

Get your measurements of yeast concentration, mortality, diameter distribution, clump rate and roundness data with 20 µl yeast suspension sample.

Colony Counter in plates

NEW!  We offer easy-to-use systems for colony counting in food, environmental, pharmaceutical, veterinary, clinical and cosmetic laboratories. 

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Manual Colony Cell Counting System

Our manual colony counter consists of an illuminated receiver plate and a large LED display. The pressure of marking a colony with a felt-tip pen registers a cumulative count on the digital display. The pressure required to register a count can be adjusted to suit each user.

Aswitchableblackbackgroundisprovidedto enhance the viewing of translucent and difficult to see colonies. It is a flexible system since it includes dish centering adapters to facilitate use with 50mm90mm dishes.

manual cell counting for bacteria colonies

How would you benefit from the system?

  • Bright white energy saving LED lighting
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Audible count confirmation
  • Choice of light or dark background

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Affordable automated colony counting

We would like to present you the automated colony counting device with a new simple to use software that greatly improves efficiency, reliability and productivity.

Its software uses a powerful new algorithm for colony counting on pour and spiral plates. Plates are automatically counted with results directly transferred to Excel or Open office.

How would you benefit from the system?

  • Images are stored digitally.
  • High precision in repeatibility.
  • Save time on colony counting: 10,000 colonies per second.
  • Accuracy guaranteed.
  • Almost any media type is trackled: it contains multiple light modes and 2 contrast plates. 
  • Easy to clin with all standard cleaning products. 
  • Flexible counting: On standard petri dishes and spiral plates

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Automated System with flexible software models

Accurate, Automated Colony Counting with Zone Mesurement

FLEXIBLE: ProtoCOL 3is a compact, automated powerhouse for all your colony counting and inhibition zone measurement applications. With a range of software options, as well as a UNISTAT statistics package, you can cost-effectively customise and upgrade aProtoCOL 3to suit your laboratory’s needs. 

  • HD camera
  • Flexible solutions: with or without a PC
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

ACCURATE: ProtoCOL 3 features unique three colour lighting for unrivalled illumination of all colony and zone types. The system’s high-resolution camera captures high quality, colour images, ensuring that you can generate precise, reproducible colony count and inhibition zone data.

TRACEABLE: ProtoCOL 3 is compatible with 1D barcode readers, results can be automatically exported into a spreadsheet (Excel/OpenOffice), PDF or transferred To your LIMS. All data is fully 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with audit trails and user access levels, making ProtoCOL 3 suitable for any highly regulated microbiology laborato. 

Standard Modules and Optional Ones: 

  • Pour plates
  • Inhibiton Zone Measurement
  • Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing
  • Minimum inhibiton concentration (MIC)
  • Chromogenic ID
  • Ames Testing 
  • Spiral Plate 
  • Multi-well 
  • and more! 

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Fully automated Colony Counting System

Our fully automated colony counting system enables walk-away, accurate and traceable colony counts every time. The system can automatically remove your plate lids and count colonies on up to one hundred, 90 mm plates in under an hour.

It includes an intuitive touch-screen software to easily set up automatic plate reads and optimise batch design for each plate type. 

It is suitable for high-throughput colony counting and is being trialled in highly regulated pharmaceutical and contract research microbiology laboratories for a wide range of microbial colony counting applications including: Microbial environmental monitoring, Microbial limits testing, Efficacy testing.

How would you benefit from the system?

  • All-in-one! Integrated automated plate feeder, colony counter and software.
  • Intuitive touch-screen software with pass/fail facility: free software upgrades and no annual licencce fee. 
  • Interactive lighting configuration.
  • Integrated plate detection sensor.
  • Automatically exported data.

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software of the automated colony cell counting system

software very easy to use from colony cell counting

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