Manual and Automated Cell counting

Brightfield cell counting

Brightfield cell counting is recommended for cell lines or purified homogenous primary samples. Are you working with these samples? Then, have a look at the broad range of solutions we have for counting your cells. Read below!

Are you based in Spain or Portugal? Then have a look at the Brightfield cell counters we have for you!



Automated Brightfield cell counters

Trypan Blue Cell Counters 

Eve Plus

NanoEntek Eve Plus automatic cell counter

EVE™ Plus is user-friendly, compact design for simple, fast, automated cell count and viability measurements within 1 second. It provides data on cell size and is compatible with various types of eukaryotic cells, regardless of whether the cell size is small or large.

  • Less than 1 sec for cell counting
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate by improving HW and algorithm

Measures cell concentrations ranging from 1 × 104 to 2 × 107 cells/mL and cells with sizes from 5 µm to 60 µm.

Disposable slides: EVS-1000, 1000 slides, 2000 counts


Countstar® BioLab Automated Cell Counter

Countstar BioLab is a cell counting and analyzing instrument developed on the basis of classic trypan blue staining. Integrating advanced optical imaging technology and intelligent image recognition technology.

Disposable slides: 00 00 02 04 0001    -   00 00 02 04 0010

biolab automated cell counter

Countsar Mira BF

Affordable, automated and compact cell counter: Countstar Mira BF

Reduce potential errors switching to automated systems with our brightfield cell counter.

  • Save time: measurements in 20s/ sample
  • Save space in the lab due to its compact dimensions
  • Easy and intuitive software
  • Maintenance free
  • Reproducible and repeatable results
  • Mammalian, algae and yeast cells
  • Compatible with any vessel.

Do you count organoids? Contact us to know how the Countsar can be your best solution!

It provides a versatil and powerful applications for different cell types

  • Trypan Blue BioApps: viability and counting studies
  • Organoidanalysis 
  • Confluence Studies

C-Slide – Countess Cell counting chamber slides

C-Slide is a cell counting chamber slide used with automated cell counters such as Countess, Countess II, and even EVE/EVE Plus cell counters. C-Slide is the same as Countess Slide. NanoEnTek is an original developer and manufacturer of Countess and Countess Slide. Unlike a conventional hemocytometer, C-Slide is completely disposable and packed individually, hence convenient and contamination free.

  • No need for coverslips
  • No need for washing (Disposable)
  • Reduce exposure to infectious samples and contamination
  • Reproducibility and reliability guaranteed
  • Made of sturdy quartz grade optical plastic

Slides are CS-050, 1000 slides, 2000 counts


Manual Brightfield cell counting chambers

C-Chip 2-channel and C-Chip 4-channel are disposable plastic hemocytometers

A precision disposable plastic hemocytometer, developed to solve the problems of conventional Glass hemocytometer.

  • Reduced exposures to infectious and hazardous samples
  • Eliminates the need of washing for reuse
  • Guaranteed repeatability and reliability
  • Made of sturdy and strong Quartz grade optical plastic
  • No coverslip required
  • Bright grid pattern

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