NanoDrop Eight

NanoDrop Eight: for your high throughput research 

The NanoDrop Eight is the successor of the NanoDrop 8000 and therefore ideal for high throughput with the qualities of the NanoDrop One. The NanoDrop Eight is ideal for DNA or RNA quantification in small amounts, only 1 –-2 µL sample is needed!

  • A 96-well plate or a 24-tube rack for 0.5 and 1.5 mL can be used for this analysis.
  • Only 1 blank is needed in the 96-well plate.

The NanoDrop Eight also contains the Thermo Scientific Acclaro Sample Intelligence Technology, just as the NanoDrop One. It detects the contaminants, differentiates DNA from RNA, and corrects the concentration. It is important that these contaminants are removed as they can inhibit the reaction (inhibit polymerase or reverse transcriptase) or create an overestimated concentration.

Benefits of our high-troughput Micro Volume Spectrophotometer:

  • High-throughput 8 samples within 20 seconds
  • Expanded detection limit up to 10.000 ng/µL for dsDNA
  • Full spectra measurement 190 - 850 nm
NanoDrop Eight

Specifications of the NanoDrop Eight

The NanoDrop Eight has an additional pathlength of 0.1 mm, extra to the 1.0 and 0.2 mm. Also, the concentration range for measurements is increased. Now up to 10.000 ng/µL for DNA, 8.000 ng/µL for RNA, 300 mg/mL for BSA, and 145 mg/mL for IgG can be measured.  This increase of detection limit is especially beneficial for protein biologist.

The wavelength is also expanded as previously only between 220 - 750 nm could be measured, and now the full spectrum of 190 - 850 nm is measured.

Additional to the system we are there for you every step on the way, maintenance, reparations, application support or any other questions you might have.

To maintain great performance of the system yourself, use the performance check fluid routinely. 

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