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The VANTAstar is a cost-effective, compact and flexible plate reader. This monochromator-based multimode microplate reader is ideal for basic and life science research. For example, DNA, RNA and protein quantification, ELISA and DELFIA immunoassays, Bacterial growth (OD600), cell viability and toxicity, real-time cellbased assays, enzymatic activity and reporter gene assays.


LVF Monochromator

The LVF monochromator ensures wavelength flexibility in fluorescence intensity and luminescence studies. The monochromator has a filter like performance, without the need to change filters and the bandwidths are adjustable from 8 to 100 nm for ultimate flexibility. The linear variable dichroic mirror reduces the background noise and is automatically tuned.

*The VANTAstar is also available as filter-only system.


The VANTAstar microplate reader also contains filters for the best sensitivity in all fluorescence and luminescence detection modes. It can contain up to 5 filter sets (excitation, dichroic, emission). The filters can easily be changed and are snapped in position due to the magnetic connection.

The filters can be simultaneously used with the monochromator. For example, exciting with filters and scanning the emission or vice versa.

Detection modes

A wide variety of detection modes can be performed with the VANTAstar plate reader. UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence intensity, FRET, Luminescence (flash and glow), BRET, Time resolved fluorescence (TRF), time resolved FRET (TR-FRET), fluorescence polarisation/anisotropy (FP).

A full UV-Vis spectrum from 220 to 1000 nm from 1 to 10 nm resolution can be measured in less than 1 second per well. Or you can measure up to 8 discrete wavelengths instantaneously with simultaneous data acquisition. For example, measure DNA quantities at 260, 280 and 340 nm in a single flash.

Enhanced Dynamic Range Technology

Thanks to the special Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR) Technology, each sample is automatically measured with the optimum sensitivity guide setting. As a result, it is no longer necessary to set a gain in advance. The EDR technology provides great ease of use with kinetic assays, where the end signal is still unknown or when there is a big diversity in signal strength within a plate.

Cell-based assays

The VANTAstar is ideal for cell-based assays due to their independent gas regulation of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This can be ranged between 1-20%. Additionally, 2 heating plates (one on top, one at the bottom of the well plates) are present for incubation. The plate at the top of the well plate is 0.5 0C warmer. This creates uniform incubation and inhibits condensation.

There are 3 possible scan modes, which is perfect for heterogeneous solutions. The orbital and spiral averaging normalises the heterogeneous or non-confluent cell distribution. With a high resolution of 900 data points per well, you can analyse your cells in great precision.

Benefits of the VANTAstar plate reader

  • Wavelength flexibility with filter like performance
  • No gain or focus adjustment required
  • Luminescence cross-talk reduction
  • UV-vis absorbance spectra in <1 sec per well
  • One-click top/bottom detection switch
  • CO2 and O2 control
  • Flexible injectors with heater and stirrer

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