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Robust and Sensitive data in your Fluorescence-based Assays

Robust, Reproducible and Sensitive data

Make sure your microplate reader provides you the most accurate results.

  • Highest sensitivity plate readers: Special monochromator.
  • Multimode detection incl. FRET, TR-FRET, Time-Resolved Fluorescence.
  • Prion research compatible: 24/7 shaking.
  • Living cells work compatible: Temperature and gas control. 
  • Free application support.

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robust plate reader for fluroescence-based assays

The most sensitive results for fluorescence assays

Are you performig PCR? Best plate reader combo for maximal sensitivity and reduced cross-talk with our affordable plates:

  • Compatible with the most common PCR systems in the market.
  • Reproducible output across the plate thanks to plate sturdiness. -
  • Sensitive data thanks to transparent wells
  • Accurate data due to the black plate frame. 

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affordable black plate for fluroescence assays

Latest Applications: fluorescence-based assays

Our microplate readers in cancer progression and treatment.

Robust and reproducible method (Resazurin) for assessing mammalian cytotoxicity in real-time.

fluroescence-assay method for bmg plate readers




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Tool for better understanding cancer progression, metastasis and efficacy of treatment.

  • Detection of peroxynitrite (produced by cancer-associated immune cells) with our microplate reader.
  • Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis process with a fluorescent sensor (PS3).

tumor cancer assays with the use of fluroescence assay readers






Release of peroxynitrite by human peripheral blood mononuclear cells treated with PS3 (dark purple bars) or PS3/IgG/beads (light purple bars).

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