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Sensitive and reproducible data for your TR-FRET assays

Accurate, reproducible and sensitive data from your plates

Make sure your microplate reader provides you the most accurate results.

  • Highest sensitivity plate reader’s: LVF monochromator with less cross over signals
  • High Throughput Screening with stacker or via coupling to a robot.
  • Application support for free.
  • Experts in plate reading.
  • Extremly robust systems allowing 24/7 shaking.
  • Full temperature control, enabling living cells work

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TR-FRET High performance and affordable assay kits

NEW! TR-FRET for everyone: Sensitive, robust and affordable kits for your assays!

  • Trust your results: Lot-to-lot consistency.
  • Save time: No washing step needed.
  • Low assay background: Superior S/B ratio.
  • Long signal stability.
  • Compatible with TR-FRET microplate readers.

Are you performing cell signaling, biomarkers, cAMP assays? We gladly proof the performance of our kits to allow you to pick the best for your work.

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Excellence kits performance with our microplate readers

Excellent solution for your assays! Our kits and plate readers are suitable for basic research in life sciences and drug discovery applications.

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