Intracellular biosensors

Monitor your cells in real-time with SPAchip

The perfect tool for cell sensing by dynamic film about cell feeling

One of the main challenges in the research to find out the cause, diagnosis and treatment of diseases is the lack of understanding of what happens intercellularly. Therefore, understanding cellular metabolism is key for diseases research.

Our SPAchip® solution helps and supports metabolic cell studies to effectively monitor and analyse cell behaviour during disease progression.

Another perspective of understanding would be to imagine a lab inside a living single cell capable of performing any analysis instantly and over time. SPAchip® technology makes this possible. 

SPAchip technology

SPAchips are intracellular silicon microchips designed to be internalises in living cells easily and harmless. They do not produce any physiological changes or cell death, therefore they do not affect cell viability. Our solution monitors cellular pathways in real-time. 

SPAchips offer a highly precise and accurate way to analyse intracellular processes with multiple fluorescent probes.

  • Change SPAchip® fluorescence, gain valuable insights into cellular activity.
  • Save time and costs by using it with High Content Screening (HCS) platforms and imaging analysers. It is compatible with HCS/HCA, Confocal Microscope, Cell Imaging Readers, Live Cell Metabolic Assay Platforms, and Flow cytometry systems.
  • Moreover, SPAchip are user-friendly powerful solutions.
  • Biosensors are internalised without affecting cell viability
  • They measure Ca2+, pH (Up to 8 and sensitivity of 0.1 pH change signal!) and ROS molecules

Real-time monitoring of cellular processes

Metabolic cell studies are key points on the development of diagnostic techniques and treatment opportunities for diseases such as cancer. 

The incorporation of SPAchip in your workflow requires only 1 step!

spachip technologyu workflow to monitor your cells in real time

First device in the market for multiplexed living single cell analysis

SPAchip is an intracellular device that can be multiplexed with different probes emitting in the same wavelenght. SPAchip has been developed with surface functionalisation techniques, which enable to print the device with nucleic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, or sunthetic chemicals for tracking cell metabolism. 

SPA Chip design     

design figure of how the SPAchip has been synthesisxed




SPAchip Functionalisation

functionalisation of surface cell SPAchip





SPAChip Internalisation
how SPAchip device is internalised to the cell

SPAchip for living single cell assays

  • More sensitive: The fluorescent probe is concentrated on the probe rather than in the solution.
  • Less toxic: Reduction of the total cytoplasmic concentration of fluorescent probes.
  • Longer duration: Probes are fixed on the chip and therefore, protected from dilution, excretion, or degradation
  • You can get more information by combining various probes on one chip simultaneously.
  • More efficient by discriminating signals based on their relative position on the chip rather than their wavelength.

All these features that make the SPAchip unique and revolutionary to study metabolic activity define the main benefits of the technology, which are stated below. 


The technology behind the SPAchip enables to analyse living single cells broading the number of assays you can do with it, and therefore expending research beyond limitations. 

  • Real-time monitoring: It enables to track different intracellular parameters in real time. 
  • Harmless: Non-toxic for cells 
  • Long-term measurements: Cells can be monitored over long time. 
  • Easy-to-use: Simple workflow that can be integrated into your existing laboratory workflows.
  • Multiplexing: Several parameters can be measured simultaneously 
  • Versatility: Open new assay possibilities 

Last but not least, the SPAchip enables you to save time and costs: It is cost-effective, since it reduces costs associated with sample acquisition and preparation, reagent consumption (vs. regular fluorescent dyes) Also, it requires minimal sample volumes.


SPAchip® technology does not expect to compete with other existing technologies. It opens the door to establish a new and more complete study of the living cell physiopathology with potential applications in academic research but also in drug discovery fields for Pharma and Biotech industry.

Therefore, it is suitable for various applications, including metabolic studies, drug discovery, cell therapy, 3D models research (e.g. spheroids and organoids), zebrafish models research, and therapeutic areas such as cardiology, cancer, and neurology.

2D Cell cultures

2d cell culture exmaple of tracking SPAchip

3D Cell Cultures

organoid and spheroid visualisation witht our SPAchip biosensor

Reliable and accurate tool for cell analysis in flow cytometry. Itsdetects pH changes in the cytosol and cell environment simultaneously. Ideal for:

  1. Basic cell biology and cell physiology studies.
  2. Quality Control in bio-industrial processes based in cell cultures: when  extracellular pH affects product yield, as recombinant antibody or AAV production.

SPAchip® technology enables to research mitochondrial status, function and
activity in a diverse set of cellular assays (e.g. measure of mitochondrial membrane potential, oxigen consumption rate (OCR), and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production). Now, it is possible to:

  1. Study mitochondrial dysfunction
  2. Develop targeted therapies for associated diseases. 

It is a great tool for studying early apoptosis and pH changes in cell-based assays. Cell-based assays are useful for studying and tracking important biological processes as well as evaluating anti-cancer drug treatments.

CytoCHECK SPAchip® remains in the cytosol without producing cytotoxic effects, thus, allowing dynamic cell analysis in real time. In combination with fluorescence microscopy imaging, we can obtain basic cellular information including
morphological parameters, as well as intracellular calcium readouts.

  1. Powerful tool to be used as a lab‐in‐a‐cell device.
  2. Shed light on the mechanism of action of compounds during drug discovery campaigns.

Advanced image and quantitative analysis to investigate the metabolic activity, cell condition, pH, and calcium changes during drug testing.

  1. Combine live/dead cell staining together with SPAchip® to combine functional readouts with cell
    condition in a diverse set of cellular assays.
  2. Visualize cell proliferation and cell viability together with tracking pH and calcium for disease treatment.

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