High Content Imager for living organism and (3D) Cells

WiScan Hermes

The Hermes automated high content screener from Idea-Bio is designed for analysis of 3D cultures (organoids, spheroids), primary, fixed and living cells. The Hermes is also well known for its easy and precise detection of zebrafish.

This documentation system will quantify your cells and its morphological changes and measures the fluorescence intensity. In zebrafish it can automatically distinguish parts of the fish (head, torso, tail) and its organs (including eye, yolk, spine, tail, brain, internal granules and more). With this feature the detection is eased as only the specific area of interest is analysed. This is all possible due to the Hermes artificial intelligence (AI) driven analysis.

Patented well scanning and smart software

The Hermes has a patented U-shaped well scanning. This U-shaped well will place your cells and fish in the correct position. The software automatically removes the images where the cells or organisms are not placed properly. This saves a lot of time compared to non-automated imagers. 

LEDs and filters

Images in brightfield as in fluorescence can be captured. 7 fluorescent colours and many air objectives are present in the Hermes high content screener. These 7 LED sources are DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP, mCherry and CY5 plus a white LED. Besides that, it contains 2 emission filters and a compatible dichroic filter. The images that are retrieved are publicity quality, due to the varied zoom from 2x to 60x for the most detailed pictures.

zebrafish microscopy


More than 10 images are retrieved per second, therefore the Hermes is compatible for high throughput research. Multi well plates up to 1536 wells can be analysed. Also, slides, dishes of 35 mm and microarrays can be used. 

The present environmental control makes it ideal to work with living cells. As the temperature can be set up to 40 0C, the CO2 level can be set from 0.02 L/min to 0.13 L/min and adjusted from 0% to 15% CO2. Additionally, the software can be customised to your research.

For full automation the Hermes 24/7 is ideal. This fully automated imager requires minimal involvement. It loads and unloads the plates automatically into the imager and from the built-in stacker (20 plates). These plates can be incubated at 37 0C and 5% CO2. Additionally, it produces multiple visualisation tools, such as scatter plots, histograms, heat maps, time graphs and dose curves.


Benefits of the WiScan Hermes:

  • Intuitively operated – images retrieved just by a push of a button
  • High speed acquisition - >10 images per second
  • Variable zoom and XYZ plane analysis
  • Correct placement of the cells

Applications of the high content imager:

  • (Bacterial) Cell counting
  • Gene therapy
  • Organoid imaging
  • Phagocytosis
  • Cell adherence
  • Characterising disease mechanisms
  • Protein aggregation / accumulation assay

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