Oligos and primers

Oligos and primers

Oligos are produced in great variety and with numerous modifications depending on their application, specificity, quality and purity. All of our oligos are generally produced with high quality and high purity ratios and thereby their price/quality ratio is excellent. Several check points are integrated in the production process to minimize any abnormalities and/or other issues. 

Next to this, what makes our oligos stand out is the fact that the achieved yields are much higher compared to others, see Oligo Yields Information.

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Primer pairs

Custom DNA/RNA oligos

We manage the following purification processes, depending on the required purity levels:

  • Salt Free
    • Desalting of oligos
    • Deprotected
  • HPSF (High Purity Salt Free) purification
    • Patented reverse phase cartridge purification method
    • No presence of disturbing salts
    • At least 70% purity (up to 120 mers)
    • Chemicals and truncated sequences are cleared
  • HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) purification
    • Purification by reverse phase chromatography
    • Truncated sequences are removed
    • At least 80% purity (up to 120 mers)
  • PAGE (polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) purification
    • Purification from gel with manual extraction of a single band
    • Truncated sequences and any salts are removed
    • At least 90% purity (up to 60 mers) and at least 85% purity (up to 120 mers)


There is a great variety of options to modify your oligos as desired. These options are available in different synthesis scales and purification options. 

Modifications that are available are:
•    Fluorescent dyes
•    Non-fluorescent modifications
•    Spacer, linker, base & sugar modifications
•    Dark quencher

More information about the spectra of our available fluorescent dyes.

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Comparison of different primer pairs

(q)PCR Primers

We offer the best suitable primers for each regular and real-time PCR assay. 
•    Quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) with SYBR Green or EvaGreen
•    Probe based qPCR (single and multiplex)
•    End-point PCR (single and multiplex)
•    Reverse-transcriptase PCR (rt-PCR)
•    Nested PCR and other standard PCR assays

Our PCR primers have a high PCR efficiency and specificity. Primer quantification is accurate and reliable. We can guarantee a maximum of ± 10% variability.  Melting temperatures (primer Tm) are very stable due to low salt concentrations. Next to this, reproducible results can be expected and high purity of >80% is ensured by UPLC and MALDI-TOF MS Spectroscopy.  Quality control is very important to us and is integrated very well in the production process. 

More details on quality assurance
All of our (q)PCR primers and probes are available in tubes and plates, depending on your preference. 

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