DNA Extraction PCR

Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution

The non-toxic Q-Extact DNA extraction solution performs fast and easy extraction of PCR-ready DNA. The DNA extraction solution can be used for a broad range of mamalian tissues, plant leaves, bird feathers, fish fins and saliva.

This one-step lysis can be performed in a heating block or a thermocycler and contains 2 heating steps. The extracted DNA does not need to be handled further, no need for vortex, centrifugation or dilution.

The extracted DNA is stable at -20 oC up to one week, or long term at -80 oC.

DNA extractionQ-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit was used to extract and amplify genomic DNA from various mammalian tissues. For DNA extraction, 0.5 -10 mg tissue or 20 µl salvia was added to100 µl of Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution. M: DNA marker Iqon Low DNA Ladder. Lane 1-5: Different mouse tissues as depicted, GADPH (266 bp). Lane 6: Chicken muscle tissue, HRPT1 (245 bp) and Lane 7: Human saliva, DMD17 (415 bp).

Benefits of the Q-Extract DNA Extraction Solution

  • One-reagent set-up
  • Minimal handling
  • Rapid 8-minute protocol
  • Non-toxic reagents
  • Scalable set-up
  • Automation-friendly

DNA extractionThe performance of Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit was compared to the genotyping PCR kits from competitor B and K. DNA extracts were extracted from chicken muscle (lanes 1-2) and mouse tail (lanes 3-4). Each extraction and amplification have been conducted according to the supplier manuals and using the respective DNA extractions reagents and PCR master mixes. The result shows that the Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR Kit performs equally well or better than competitor B and K. M: Iqon Low DNA Ladder. Lane 1: Chicken HRTP1 (245 bp), Lane 2: Chicken GADPH (775 bp), Lane 3: Mouse GADPH (265 bp) and Lane 4: Mouse B-actin (318 bp)

Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR kit for Genotyping

For rapid and efficient DNA extraction and amplification, the Q-Extract DNA Extraction is optimal. It can be applied for a broad range of mammalian tissue, plant leaves, bird feathers, fish fins and saliva.

The kit contains Q-extract DNA extracton solution and Taq DNA Polymerase 2x MasterMix RED.

In one step DNA can be extracted with use of a thermocycler or heatingblocks. The extracted DNA is ready for PCR and therefore does not need any other prtreatment as vortex, centrifuge or dilution.

The Taq Polymerase 2x Master Mix RED is a ready-to-use solution. Due to the red dye and stabiliser, the DNA can be directly loaded into the gels. The red dye also provides direct visualisation of pipetting and mixing.

The obtained DNA extract is stable at - 20°C for up to one week and at - 80°C for long term storage.

Benefits of the Q-Extract DNA Extraction PCR kit

  • Rapid 8-minute extraction protocol
  • Minimal handling
  • Reliable PCR results
  • Direct gel loading
  • Scalable set-up
  • Automation-friendly




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