G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer

Eliminate inhibitory DNA particles

The G2 DNA Enhancer and the G2 RNA enhancer is a tool to help to increase the microbial DNA yield during DNA extraction from difficult matrices. When working with complex samples where the bacterial load is high, it is improtant to enhance the DNA from that bacteria you are working on. Therefore, the DNA enhancer is the ideal solution for more accurate results in this kind of research.

The main function of G2 DNA Enhancer (and the RNA enhancer) is to eliminate inhibitory DNA particles or other inhibitory DNA complexes. 

PCR tubes and reagents for carrying out a PCR. the liquid inside is pink, which helps on following the sample until the end.

Are you working with difficult matrices samples?

ExoZap is ideal for research based on big sample sizes for the PCR analysis of small DNA /RNA amounts.

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Features G2 DNA Enhancer and RNA Enhancer 

  • At least 2-10 fold increase of microbial DNA and RNA yield
  • No trace of endonuclease-, exonuclease-, nicking- or RNase activity
  • Patent EP2 443 251

The G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer is available in two ways; freeze dried with 0.1 mm or 1.4 mm beads in a 2 ml tube or in liquid form in three packing sizes (10, 50 or 100 reactions of 500 µl). 

The G2 DNA Enhancer (and the RNA extraction) should be used either with standardised extraction protocols or commercially available DNA/RNA extraction kits. 
DNA yield from soil is significantly increased by G2 DNA/RNA enhancer

G2 testing buffer

G2 test laboratory

Environmental Application:

Soil samples are complex and include different DNA/RNA from bacteria. When analysing a target DNA it is important to enhance its concentration to amplify it accordingly

8 different laboratories have tested the same 25 low biomass clay sub-soil samples with and without G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer beads. All in combination with a commercial kit for DNA extraction from the soil. The DNA yield with G2 DNA/RNA Enhancer has an increase up to 10-fold compared to the untreated samples. All samples were analysed for the quantity of rpoB gene copies. Significance of the triplicates DNA extracts was tested using T-test. 




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