DNA Polymerases: The most important component when running your PCR

We offer a variety of high quality polymerases for a wide range of applications:

Our polymerases have the glycerol free version for the TaqDNA and the TEMPase polymerase. Besides, we have different subtypes of polymerases for specific research applications.

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Our polymerases can also be found in Master Mix set up. 

Taq DNA polymerase

The main applications where the polymerase can be use are routine PCR protocols, high throughput, genotyping, cloning and colony PCR.


  • A thermostable recombinant DNA Polymerase
  • High product yield
  • dUTP incorporation possible
  • processes up to 5 kb
  • Leaves a 3'dA overhang

Our polymerase showed high specificity and good performace when targeting three different genes: PAH (203bp), ENG0 (293 bp) and ENG 5 (480 bp). When comparing it to other brands, our Taq DNA polymerase showed higher specificity when targeting longer length genes such as ENG0 and ENG5. 

Customer review

"We have been using Taq from a competitor to amplify low input (<5ng) gDNA in polymerase chain reactions. I have completed the analysis of the Ampliqon Taq, in parallel to that of a competitor, using the same reaction conditions. The specificity and yield is comparable. I have used Ampliqon subsequently to optimise new primers for gDNA amplification of a plant gene. The experiment was optimised without need to adjust pH or MgCl concentration. The PCR product was subsequently sequenced (chain termination method) and the result was comparable to products that were generated from the competitor's Taq DNA polymerases. 

Finally, AMPLIQON Taq DNA polymerase was used to generate PCR products for electrophoretic analaysis on the PerkinElemer LabChip. The Ampliqon product was of sufficient purity to use a 1 in 10 dilution prior to electrophoretic analysis. 

Our sequencing unit will therefore switch to this product as it is cost effective and a quality Taq DNA Polymerase". 

Alvera - DNA Sequencing Unit, NGS, Stellenbosch University. 

TEMPase Hot Start DNA polymerase

Routine PCR, high throughout, GC-rich DNA templates, multiplex PCR, genotyping, cloning, low abundance targets, colony PCR, gene expression and microbial-pathogen detection. From all of them, we recommend to use them in applications such as  colony PCR, gene expression and microbial-pathogen detection.


  • Reaction set-up at room temperature
  • dUTP incorporation possible
  • Increased sensitivity, specificity and product yield

In some research studies, our TEMPase Hot Start polymerase showed an increase in specificity and yield compared to the Taq polymerase. Therefore, the TEMPase is suitable for detecting low abundance targets.

Customer review

"I was thrilled that a difficult PCR analysis, which I had struggled with for over 1 month, was successfull using Ampliqons Tempase with Ammonium buffer

Rikkie Veggerby Gronlund, Molecular biologist at the Clinical Biochemical Department at Hvidovre Hospital- DK

AQ97 High Fidelity DNA polymerase

Spring is here and to celebrate it, Isogen Life Science is introducing the hottest DNA polymerase for your PCR workflow. Our new product AQ97 Hot Start High Fidelity DNA Polymerase will make your work easier without compromising the accuracy of your research. Now, you can set up your DNA polymerase at room temperature.

  • Our AQ97 DNA polymerase is composed of a novel chimeric DNA polymerase fused to an enhancing DNA binding domain, enabling fast and robust amplification of your targets.
  • Our new enzyme only needs 2 minutes to be active resulting in elongation rates as low as 10 seconds per kilobase.

Do you work with templates with high GC content? No need to worry about it! Our AQ97 DNA polymerase provides you with good coverage across DNA templates independent of structure.   

Our polymerase is suitable for PCR experiments that require amplification at very low rates. Therefore, we recommend using it for cloning/sub-cloning, NGS applications, SNP analysis, and mutagenesis.


  • High fidelity: >60x Taq Fidelity
  • High elongation rate: 10 sec/kb
  • 3’→5’ proofreading exonuclease activity
  • Long range capacity: 18 kb for gDNA and 25 kb for λ DNA
  • Good coverage on DNA templates with low to high GC content


The fidelity of a polymerase refers to its ability to insert the correct base during PCR, and it depends on the polymerase, the buffer system in use and the quality of your template DNA.

The Aq97 polymerase showed error rates below the detection limits, showing its high fidelity skill to achieve less error results. 


AccuPOL DNA polymerase

Our AccuPol is recommended for applications which require extremely high fidelity or blunt ends.  The polymerase is very suitable for mutation studies, cloning, gene expression and construction of libraries.


  • High fidelity enzyme
  • Proof reading
  • Error rate 1.1 x 10-6
  • Processes up to 3 kb
  • Renders blunt-ended DNA


Our polymerase AccuPOL was tested targeting DNA with different lenght and GC content. Regarding the variation lenght, it ranged from 200 bp to above 3.000 bp, whereas the GC content ranged from 30 – 65 %. It showed specific and clear results in short and long lenght DNA targets. 


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