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Loading dye – Choose your color Red, Blue, Orange & Cyan

Lodading dyes are used in order to load your DNA samples onto agarose or SDS DNA gels for gel electrophoresis. DNA loading buffers have two characteristics:

  1. They allow the visualization of your DNA sample due to its color characteristic. It makes it easier for pipetting your samples as well as tracking them across the gel during electrophoresis.
  2. They enable the increase of DNA density due to density agent; allowing the DNA to sink into the bottom of the wells.

Loading dye features:

  • Ready-to-use
  • 5x formulation
  • 4 different loading dyes available

We offer four different loading buffers varying in dyes and migration fronts. This makes it easy to select the right loading buffer for your lab. All loading buffers contain Ficoll, Tris-buffer, EDTA and either Xylene cyanol FF, Cresol Red, Bromophenol Blue or Orange G as tracking dye. 

Colored buffers

When loading your samples into an agarose gel (for instance 1% agarose gel), it is important to consider the migration of the loading dye in order to make sure you are visualizing the correct sample and that the result is the most accurate one. 

The table below shows the characteristics for the four different loading buffers we offer for your research. 

Position of dye fronts

Cyaan colors


Do not lose your sample when pipetting, track it at any time!


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