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Isogen Life Sciences is the exclusive distributor of the CEInfinite iCIEF product line from AES (Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd). Since 2004 our company has been the Total CIEF Solution Provider for any (i)CIEF assays, supporting and delivering the Total CIEF Solutions to the European market.
CEInfinite iCIEF solutions provides you:

  • iCIEF faster method development, higher detection sensitivity, better reliability and higher analytical throughput
  • iCIEF automated high-resolution fractionation
  • iCIEF-MS, coupling with mass spectrometry  
  • Method development services - we can perform your method development of any (i)CIEF assays
  • High resolution fractionation services - we can fractionise your samples  
  • A comprehensive portfolio of carrier ampholytes, pI markers, cartridges and solutions for any i(CIEF) assays

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  • Total CIEF Solution Provider
  • CEInfinite iCIEF Solutions
  • CEInfinite High Sensitive Detection by using High Performance Imaging CIEF Cartridges (Patent Pending)
  • CEInfinite AESlytes Carrier Ampholytes
  • CEInfinite pI Markers
  • CEInfinite Consumables



Total CIEF Solution Provider

Your innovative CEInfinite iCIEF instrument enables you to perform high resolution iCIEF fractionation (for further studies like peptide mapping, SPR and biological assays), iCIEF direct coupling to MS, protein interaction studies and Taylor dispersion rapid measurement of protein hydrodynamic radius.

To simplify and accelerate your daily research work, besides offering you the innovative CEInfinite iCIEF instruments we also offer

  • A comprehensive portfolio of consumables, carriers ampholytes and up to 30 pI markers
  • Custom made solutions services that includes custom-made carrier ampholytes and pI markers for your specific iCIEF as well as traditional CIEF assays
  • Custom made cartridges for your specific iCIEF assays that can be used on other iCIEF instruments
  • Method development services - we can perform your method development of any (i)CIEF assays
    iCIEF fractionation services - we can fractionise your samples
  • Technical and service support - we offer maintenance contracts, IQ/OQ and RQ

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Watch Webinar - Using direct CIEF-MS and PREP-CIEF

The CEInfinite instrument is a new generation Whole Column Imaging CIEF system

  • Whole column imaging based CIEF instrument has proven to allow high throughput and reliable protein separation
  • High performance CMOS imaging sensor warrants overall system camera speed, sensitivity and high dynamic range
  • Long-life deep UV LED light source to reduce replacement frequency and temperature rise during separation.
  • Automatic analysis is achieved with integration of autosampler for on board mixing, fast injection and wash cycles
  • CEInsight CFR control and quantitation software provides a user friendly interface, reliable operation control, highly efficient data processing, and FDA title 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

We also supply the full range of consumables like widest variety of carrier ampholyte ranges and largest selection of pI-markers. But also electrolytes and Methyl Cellulose etc.


The CEInfinite overcomes low analytical throughput and difficult method development associated with the long capillary of traditional single point detection CE. With a high sensitivity CMOS imaging sensor and powerful deep UV LED light source, CEInfinite dramatically increases the scan rate over 100 times compared to any other imaging CIEF systems. An increased scan rate allows study of fast dynamic processes more accurately, empowering Taylor dispersion measurement of protein hydrodynamic radius, protein interaction studies, and high resolution CIEF fractionation.

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