Success Stories 

Accelerated Molecular Detection of Chlamydia trachomatis (CT)

Research Group Applied Natural Sciences

CT infections happen more often than we think and patients can also be asymptomatic. A

The current success story demonstrates the power of NextGenPCR in accelerating the detection of CT. The protocol for the amplification of CT genetic material is 30% faster than other PCR protocols.

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Growing patient-derived organoids with the ClinoStar

Experimental Oncology Department - Antwerp University

Christophe Deben professor at the Tumor Screening Lab Research Group presents us how the bioreactor ClinoStar helps and enhances success rates for certain tumoroids. It enables to culture large-size organoids and generate high throughput drug screening assays to study drug screening from patient tumor samples. 

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AIDS and HIV Infection 

IDIBAPS, AIDS and HIV Infection Research Group, PCB 

Our fluorescence cell counter LUNA FL contributes to the basic and translational research at the AIDS and HIV infection research group of the IDIBAPS, Clinic Barcelona. It is used for counting PBMCs for research and from patients' clinical samples. Also, the use of the micro-volume spectrophotometer EzDrop has accelerated DNA and RNA quantification in research.

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Lung organoids visualization in real-time

Medicine Faculty of the Barcelona University

Our microscope-in-incubator EzScope is now part of the Molecular Oncology and Embryology group. They are using it to visualize and record the progress of organoids and their reaction in front of different drugs.  

Biodiversity studies with the NextGenPCR

XPRIZE RAINFOREST Competition 2023

The main goal is to study biodiversity in 100 hectares of tropical rainforest in 24 hours and produce the most impactful real-time insights within 48 hours to win the competition.

Isogen Life Science participated together with MBS and the Belgian company PROTOLABS and its XiniX AI, which creates an all-terrain robot to explore tropical rainforests.

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