Succes story: Cell Counter and EzDrop

AIDS and HIV infection

Company: IDIBAPS, AIDS and HIV infection Research Group, Parc Científic Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

Project needs: Improve clinical, diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive research for AIDS and therefore, HIV infection. 

Our solutions and user statements: Our fluorescence cell counter LUNA FL and micro-volume spectrophotometer EzDrop contribute to the basic and translational research at the AIDS and HIV infection research group of the IDIBAPS, Clinic Barcelona.

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IDIBAPS, AIDS and HIV Infection Research Group 

Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi I Sunyer (IDIBAPS) is a research institution that works on six different research areas in biomedicine that investigates the most common diseases in our society. The mission of the 2,080 people dedicated to research within IDIBAPS is translational research. They work to ensure that questions from patients are researched in the laboratory, and responses are translated back to patients. Therefore, the main goal is to improve people’s health.

IDIBAPS is composed of different research groups:

  • Biological aggression and response mechanisms
  • Respiratory, cardiovascular, and renal pathobiology and bioengineering
  • Liver, digestive system, and metabolism
  • Clinical and experimental neuroscience
  • Oncology and hematology
  • Interdisciplinary research groups

For this success story, we have to focus on the AIDS and HIV infection research group, which is part of the biological aggression and response of mechanisms research area, and it is led by Josep Mallolas. The research performed in the AIDS and HIV infection group plays a key role in the development of strategies for the treatment and prevention of HIV. The statement goal of the group holds on the following:

“AIDS research is key to finding the cure for one of the most time-consuming and infectious diseases of our time”.


Project needs

HIV infection and AIDS are among the most important avoidable causes of death worldwide. In Spain, more than 140000 individuals get infected, from whom 100000 receive antiretroviral treatment.

It is necessary to stop this epidemic and different approaches need to be taken. For this reason, efforts have been split to the different fields that cover the disease: Clinical, diagnosis, therapeutic, and preventive research.  

Our Solutions

From Isogen Life Science, we provide the most innovative solutions in fields like genomics, proteomics, diagnostics, and cell biology. We help the AIDS and HIV infection research group by providing instruments that help to make their research happen.  Specifically, The “Hospital Clinic de Barcelona” has incorporated:

"Increased Cell Counter Accuracy with the LUNA FL"

The research carried on in the Hospital Clinic starts with patient samples at the sample processing unit. Samples need to be processed for different research purposes. When they work with blood samples, one of the measurements they need to do is to count the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC). For this measurement between others, they use the LUNA FL cell counter. Moreover, they use it for counting Jurkat cell lines for their research experiments and occasionally for measuring transfection efficiency when transfecting cells with GFP plasmids.

“In our day-to-day work flux, LUNA FL has greatly increased cell counting accuracy and overall data quality. In addition, we now can now increase the number of samples we process every day due to LUNA’s simplicity of use and reliability”. - Clinical Sample Processing Team

LUNA has vastly improved the accuracy of or cell counting, ranging from cell lines to Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs). It is also very straightforward and fast to use. We greatly value its versatility as we can count and address cell viability but also GFP transfection efficiency very quickly.” - Cellular senescence research team

Quick RNA and DNA quantification

On the other hand, they use the microvolume spectrophotometer EzDrop for the daily quantification of both, DNA and RNA. Specifically, they quantify RNA from the HIV, and the DNA is the genomic molecule coming from the plasmids of study.  

microvolume spectrophotometer

"The EzDrop instrument enables us to perform RNA and DNA quantification quickly, without the need to use shared Institutional equipment which vastly improves the speed of our isolation techniques. It is also consistent in measurements from different days.

Isogen Life Science provided valuable insight into this equipment and others available at Isogen. They offered the EZDrop for us to test over a week, which helped us to decide whether it was a good option to purchase. " - Cellular senescence research team

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